So when is Maggie getting a buff?

First it got an axe on day one hotfix and yesterday it got yet another nerf . Any purple masher is literally better then a Maggie right now.


I’ve heard a few people say the first Maggie nerf was not actually intentional and that the problem will be adressed in a future update (an update, mind you, not a hotfix). I guess there’s some kind of technical challenge involved with distinguishing the Maggies damage calculation from normal Mashers.

it is bugged currently, no ETA on a fix but I doubt a simple hotfix patch is sufficient.

We need the Maggie damage back !

They massacred my poor girl TWICE now :’( lol TBH i’m not sure why they nerfed Jakobs revolvers anyways, they really fell off in mayhem 3 anyways due to MOST of them not having any elemental bonuses on them :confused: thought they were fine for end game personally. A nerf on the lower end for when you are leveling maybe could have worked but once you reach endgame they were just OK-ish with the Duc being pretty strong and Maggie being decent enough in a pinch. Kinda feel like everyone thought they were strong on their way to 50 and then everyone freaked with the kings/queens call and they reflex nerfed them when they didn’t deserve it.

They were brought down in damage because the ricochet bullets were doing too much crowd control for the other pistols to keep up, same with Torgue. It wasn’t their damage being too high, it was their damage being too high for hitting multiple enemies at once all the time.

If that was the case it seems they should have just lowered the splash/ricochet damage then no? O.o 15% less subtracted like 300 damage off my Duc, which seemed overly severe tbh Now I just sorta don’t use pistols at all anymore lol They swear this stuff is to make other things more viable but with so little actually being good on mayhem 3 they only lowered the amount of things i’m using with the weapons i’ve actually gotten lucky enough to get anyways.

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makes sense ,but i prefer no ricochet bullet (or low ricochet damage ) with better damage for single target