So when is the release date for S.Korea for PC?

I know that in the main web-page of Borderland 3 it says September 13th 8:00.
But the problem is that, although the page is mentioning that it will be allowed to download 48 hours previously from actual playable date, Epic games store page of S.Korea is saying it will be able to be downloaded on 14th of September.
Sorry for long sentences, so in short,

  1. Release date is September 13th 8:00(JST), right?
  2. Epic games store says it will be able to be downloaded on September 14th.

Not 48 hours earlier to download, but 24 hours even later? what the hell?
I’ve sent mails to Epic games store, but they are not replying.
Anyone have any clue?
Is there any news of delaying the release day kind of thing that I’ve missed?
Or is this just a problem of Epic games store of S.Korea?
I am sorry if this is not fit for this page, but I could not find any place to ask.


I don’t what’s up with the south korean epic store, but basically, ask yourself: “Is it 00:01 , september 13th in London?”. If the answer is yes, it’s out on PC.

well the Borderland3 homepage says it will be available downloading 48 hours previously. (which suppose to be at least 12th September, even considering the time differences) But Epic store is saying it will be available on 14th. So that’s the problem :frowning:

I think the epic store goofed somehow, PC players all get it the same time. I don’t see what situation in South Korea would prevent this.

Oh okay thanks for replying and I really mean it! :slight_smile:
and I hope so too… I hope I’d be able to download the game at least tomorrow

You should be able to pre-download the game in less than 2 hours based on the worldwide release date on PC (in 50 hours).

Since they said “approximately” 48h before release, a few more hours is then possible.