So when the new content go out

Any 1 have any hours for the new content that suppose to be out today with alani fully release ?

What new content?

more story new PvP map T2 skin with Alani full release

Tier 2 skins have been mentioned yes. But an extra map and story mode? Where did you get this information

I have not heard anything but tier 2 skins, and that hasn’t even been confirmed yet that i know.

I would guess sometime between 8-12 pdt though for the update.

I don’t believe there is anything new coming today other than wider release for Alani. If there were, it would have been in the Battleplan last week. The believe that skins were releasing with Alani is based on old information which appears to have changed.

I was under the impression that Alani was to be released with the first DLC pack but I’m usually wrong… And this was no exception :smiley:

An easy assumption to make because…5. That may have even been the original intent. We may never know.

Well if we’re still basing our timing on the weekly hotfixes and monthly updates, the earliest we can expect PvP maps and modes, as well as dlc packs, will be mid to late June. I haven’t thoroughly tested this but private pvp matches no longer show alternative skins, including golden skins and the like, as a semi related note

Edit: I could see June major patch being this stuff and then July major patch being PENDLES

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Yup, they stopped showing up…I think with the patch a week ago. I do bot matches when trying out new characters.

A little let down by this too. Would help if gearbox could clearly communicate their marketing strategies and give players something concrete to look forward to. I too thought every new update would come in waves giving us a plethora of new content to tide us over until their next release. New hero, new free multiplayer map, new dlc mission, new skins, the whole shebang. Seems like they have bit off more than they can chew and are paying the price. But still, free stuff?

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