So....Whens the Patches Rolling Out For PS4?

You Know Patches for:

FrameRate Drops
Screen Tearing
Vibration Function Bug

and i notice alot of texture glicthes. like flickery textures. Perfect example of this would be when sanctuary take of into the sky whe you looks at it there is so much textures just going crazy.


Hard to say. You know there is probably a nightmare in these situations because of three different companies being involved. They probably bicker on who’s responsibility it is to fix it.

I think this trend of taking great games and giving them to third parties to port needs to stop. It really ruins the games reputation.

TPS is a decent and fun game and I am sure many people who haven’t played it on last generation bought it for current gen consoles only to experience this crappy fps dropping/screen tearing wannabe version of tps. TPS hasn’t gotten a great reception in the first place and this just makes it that much worse.

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