So where are Fire Sound effects defined?

so I have been modding for a while but apparently I just noticed I have no idea where I can define the sound effects I want to be played when a ship fires…
can someone point me to where is this?

There are two places I know of where it can be defined: in the events file for the ship, and in the weaponfire script for the weapon.


event3 = { { "anim", "Weapon_TurretTop" }, { "animtime", "0" }, { "marker", "Weapon_TurretTop_Muzzle" }, { "fx", "muzzle_flash_combo_small_capital" }, { "sound", "WEAPON/CARRIER/FIRE/WEAPON_DESTROYER_CANNON_SHELL" }, { "fx_scale", "2" }, { "fx_nlips", "on" }, },


thanks a lot kind sir <3 I have the impression I already tried the wf file but it didn’t chang eso ill try on the events file.