So where is Gaige?

jesus christ what is going through your head, gaige might be axton his wife

Axton already is double dating. Although there might be even larger age difference between him and his dear turrets.

he’s double dating?

Plot twist, Gaige is in the game - as Moze’s mech

Not only that, but we might as well call him FL4XTON, because guess who’s under that mask?!

Why did you take such overwhelming offense to that? There is a pretty good chance that a Vault Hunter will die. Or someone from the supporting cast. Even plot armor gets weak over time. If we really want to have good villains, someone we like will probably have to go. Might as well root for someone we don’t like quite as much as some of the others. As in the case of Gaige, she is my favorite Vault Hunter. But if she dies, she dies. Revenge is fun after all :wink:


what are you talking about

That made me laugh harder than it probably should. Thank you, sir.


Let’s just keep the drama out of the thread. Choose your words carefully when posting so as not to create the impression of a personal attack. And if you think someone is posting inappropriately, flag it instead of responding. That way the forum moderators can take care of it.

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Gaige is a great character to play. Her “Little Friend” is the best special ability. Activate him and slag away from cover to help him clear an area. She deserves a place in BL3!


Sure, just not as any sort of main character.

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Actually wondering if Gaige takes over as the mechanical genius of Sanctuary after events that apparently happened in the tales series. I havent gotten to that set yet.


If not an appearance, at least a holo recorder saying she finally went home to her family or something. Some form of closure.

Either that or she becomes the new villain of the series. Maybe you kill Troy and Tyreen, and then she pops out and yoinks their power last second.

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Possibility also. I mean there’s theories after TPS came out that Moxxi and Lillith were the reason Jack became a villain in BL2.

Theories? It’s kinda what happened with Anakin in Star Wars- Jack clearly couldn’t handle the power he was to receive, and when the tried to control it, he went absolutely batshit insane.

On helios he started becoming paranoid because of all the obstructions in retaking the station. However the defining moments of his shift in attitude were when the eye of helios was destroyed and when Lillith scarred his face destroying the artifact. Before then his primary focus we saw in game was stopping Elpis from being destroyed, ridding Pandora of bandits, discovering new technology, and he probably had plans to kill Tassadar already but I’m not going to count that because he was kind of a snooty ass and there were probably countless people in Hyperion planning that.

Then with those 2 events mentioned there was a heavy shift for revenge which many feel was the driving force behind what he did in BL2.

Did you remember the part with the airlock? A big defining moment in his attitude was when he, without any proof, jettisoned multiple innocent scientists into space after hearing that there MAYBE was an inside man in Hyperion. That’s why everyone starting planning against him- Because he was going crazy with power now that he’d started murdering people, and everyone working with him decided they should put a stop to it before it got out of hand.


That’s more of an example of the paranoia setting in due to how many times previously things that blocked the path unexpectedly. Not really going mad with power. Other bits can be attributed to setting goals a bit high and the whole vault and tech thing felt more like having essentially nerdgasms. The argument here is the whole goal of wiping out everyone with the warrior and heavy focus of attacks on sanctuary in particular may not have happened without those 2 events mentioned.

Really, it wasn’t ever about paranoia. That was more of the face-value of the situation.

Jack, ever since the first mission you have with him escaping Helios, starts getting more and more enjoyment from killing people- Every new voice log you get, he’s more comfortable with taking a life. Then, even after killing that innocent scientist that was helping him, he remarks on how it felt good. He’s not becoming more and more fearful due to things getting in his way- He’s becoming obsessed with murder. By the time he gets to the vault, it isn’t about the justice of killing all the bandits on pandora- it’s about how many bandits he’s going to get to kill with it.

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I didn’t see it as a growing murder obsession. Honestly if you get put in a situation where you need to kill people, making that decision is going to be progressively easier the more you have to do it. Removing a critically high concern in regards of a traitor or mole that close still working that close to him could feel good simply because it’s a concern no longer weighing on his mind.

However different people can see a different story in the same picture. For all we know his ultimate endgame goal from the beginning might have been to eliminate the entire product line of CL4P-TP units and all the stuff in TPS just got in the way of that goal till we hit that DLC.

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