So where is the patch?

I thought we were supposed to get a physical patch this week… What happened to it?

Read the battleplan, the patch will come with the Alani early access on tuesday.

blame microsoft/sony. They had the patch ready to go last week but MS/SONY takes awhile to verify patches.

And gearbox choose to release updates at the same time across all platforms.

That couldn’t possibly be a worse time to release the patch. Overwatch releases on Tuesday. Everyone who is at all interested in that game will be over there now since Battleborn has been left to stew.

people that jump ship would do so regardless

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And imagine the outrage: if they release early and it breaks things, or if they delay…because of what another game company does? That would be a very odd thing to do, I think.

The world doesn’t revolve around Blizzard. Nor should this patch! They are two separate and distinct games, with players enough to go round. Many will play both. Some may never go near the other. That’s all okay.


I don´t get the OW-argument. Yes the release a patch therefor they had to pick a date. Any date.

The 24th May can be choosen for many reasons - maybe GBX want to celebrate the date of the first telegram ever send by S.Morse, or the birthday of Bob Dylan or G.Fahrenheit.

I´m already excited for Alani and hope we can see many things improved and repaired :heart:


Whoever is dragging their feet with this patch really needs to hurry the ■■■■ up.

With Marquis sniping the sentry in every single match on Overgrowth, I feel that Incursion is currently in an unplayable state.

It’s disgusting that it’s now coming up to 3 weeks after launch and one of the biggest issues that was raised during the Open Beta still hasn’t been fixed.

I’ve mostly been enjoying Battleborn but I’m quickly losing my patience.

If the patch is ready to go I really don’t see why they can’t patch the PC version now. As a PS4 player I really don’t care if PC players get their game fixed before me, why would I?

Sorry but I’m just really salty about losing the last 5 incursion games due to this Marquis ■■■■■■■■ and the resulting overwhelming spam of the shepherd minions.

It’s also my birthday…


Because they believe in releasing it across all platforms at the same time, as they believe it’s the right thing to do. Look at the fuss over the PS4 exclusives…

And you need to read the forum rules. Thanks. It’s great that you’re passionate about the game, but please don’t let that get in the way of manners.

exclusive content is completely different to a patch that fixes issues with the game.

But at the end of the day it’s their game to run as they please so I guess we’ll leave it there.

Also apologies if I came across as rude, it was not my intentions I was just sulking after losing another game to marquis. Sorry.

let’s not beat around the bush here, the 24th was chosen in part, because of the OW release

a new charakter and convincing bug/exploit fixes might engage enough people to not give up on BB in favor of OW completely so that there is some motivation to play both games.

During the OW Beta I happily played OW with friends and when I got bored after a couple of games I played BB again (or the Nioh Beta) until I got bored of BB .

If Gearbox is planning on releasing content on Tuesdays then I imagine that it had more to do with the fact that it was the next available Tuesday and nothing to do with Overwatch. The world doesn’t revolve around Blizzard and/or Overwatch (as much as they’d like that).


No worries. Thank you.

Most likely this. For whatever reason, Tuesday seems to be the release date for things like patches, games, extra content, etc. I can wait a little, even if I do want to strangle Marquis(es?) that I see cheesing. I say that as someone who Marquis was their first master.

You mean from sniping the sentry? Easy fix: bring Kleese on the team and drop a rift under the sentry. I swear that should be a PSA.

Gearbox it’s not aware that they need to fix the game so they are still using the patch is going through certification excuse so it’s Ms or sony fault.

Sometimes I wonder how games like Ark survival evolved/ Smite and so many others keeps their games patched every 2 weeks… Weird right…

Well to make suspicions/assumptions of what is a lazy excuse and what is solid reality is not really helping.
(I rather want to think they know the issues and try their best, instead of seeing them as a company full of defensive liars or lazy people. Makes life less bitter.)

If you wonder how other companies realise multi-platform patches you could ask their own Dev-teams, instead of assuming every company works the same and has the same abilities/possibilities at hand.

The GBX-Devs regulary check the forums and get involved. You might try the “Dev Tracker” on the topbar to see how much they “ignore” things.

I’m not sure what you mean. Those patches still have to go through certification. Just because it’s on a regular schedule doesn’t mean it works any differently.