So. Where's the best place to farm Purple Grenades

Now that the shops are only giving out Oranges; which is great. Yet, why they couldn’t just substitute them for the item of the day is anyone’s guess. Does anyone know of a good place to farm for some purple grenades.

I know i’ll have to rely on world drops, so am hoping there is somewhere they are more prevalent. Any ideas?

Isn’t the usual method to pick a meaty boss you can easily wreck or else to mindlessly bash your face against a random Circle of Slaughter?

There are / were loads to be found in the ammo vendors. Tvhm m4. But yes, I suppose for now its find a large crowd of enemies and let rip.

The droughts

Start at Ellie’s garage top, jump down to the catch a ride, take a short ride to Marcus’ gun machine (don’t drive past the entrance of the fence or you will get the wrong auto save again) jump down his cave, repeat

Yeah, lots of skags there within walking distance, they not dropping many purple nades though. I am having better luck in the Slaughters, with Badasses and above.

Im not talking about killing those poor puppies
Loot the 2 red chests that mostly drop grenades and shields and restart :smiley:

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Graveward seems to be dropping a lot of purples now.

that only works if your character can reopen red chests without a timer

Why should they not? XD

i wonder why? :smiley:

legendary are just normal grenades with a twist (and function roughly the same with better stats)

or am i missing something? :smiley:

for some rare occasions, legendaries dont deliver what you are looking for
f.e. a moze who tries to get the most out of vampyr doesnt have a legendary that kinda splits a lot and also homes into enemies like a bouncing, mirv, dividing atlas grenade
i am currently trying to find out if a frontloader with 2 turtle mods has more shield than a purple hyperion shield with 3 turtle mods
there is always a chance that more useful legendaries are being introduced later
but right now, purples can fill some gaps and thats fine :smiley:

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like the odd red text purple weapons we might say haha, got it :slight_smile:

For my Moze, I definitely prefer purple Trackers that have a mix of cloning and bouncing traits for maximum Vampyr procs.

That said, I’ve had ok-ish luck finding purple nades (heck even the occasional legendary) in just normal ammo chests while playing on M4. During this vending machine event, my farming route has been in Floodmoor Basin with the game set to M4, going between Reliance and Knotty Peak to check the vendors. While I’m in Reliance, I open everything within eyesight of the vendors (including several ammo chests, a white chest, a fridge, and of course that red chest in the shed, which for some reason isn’t on a timer for me so it’s always available when I quit/restart.) Even the trash piles spew up blues and purples quite often.

whats the deal with the timers? i never had a timer on chests when i just restarted the game o.o

Yeah the red chest timers have always been a bit inconsistent. According to official sources, they’re supposed to be on a 40 or 45 minute in-game timer, but it’s definitely not always the case.

so you can reopen it after staying in the game for 40 minutes?
well, i just open, restart, open, restart xD

Yeah that’s how it’s supposed to work. Open it, go do something else in-game for 40ish minutes, come back and the chest is reset (might have to re-enter the map.) But yeah, it tends to break (the Gigamind red chest breaks a lot apparently. And the Reliance one is currently broken for me (I can just save/quit and it’s reset)

well, i really dont think that this has any relevance
idk, dont want to be ignorant
but most people are just farming a specific boss or raiding a specific red chest area over and over with restarting the game
who cares for the red chest after an hour playing the story or what ever

Red chest are pretty useless for farming because of the timer. I managed to get the specific (though
non-anointed) grenade I wanted after a few hours in the slaughter shaft.

huh? i dont understand
when you restart the game, there is no timer