So who are you drafting?

So they posted the update recently, with more credits gained through pvp, new 150 max level, new UI, and a couple new tutorials for pvp/characters in general, and am I forgeting anything? Oh yea… Draft mode >:)

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El Dragon…after I run the dojo 935 times offline.


Whiskey Foxtrot is more reliably good now. Pendles is now useless. Toby is probably similar. No more complaints about double hugging everybody. Marquis is more useful now. Kleese will struggle

My answer, it’s all situational. I know, not fun answer, but creating a good team comp would be interesting. Also, seeing how banning would work would be interesting too.

I started playing the hell out of Shayne again and really been enjoying the results. So my 0 cost Shayne build will be in the mix 100%

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How’s pendles useless

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Easy to counter. Only time to draft is when the other team has completely drafted and don’t have a reveal on it.

For example, if I pick Pendles second, next pick should be Orendi or Marquis.

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so glad this became a thing. RIP Pendles, and my boy whiskey coming back to the forefront.

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Almost every big character will struggle for the most part after draft comes into effect with Kleese struggling the most. I’m going to miss killing people with math. :cry:


Won’t people just ban marquis who is already instant ban, and orendi is avoidable easily, once she wastes both pillars, she’s snake food

Might bring back my Luchadore buddy. Other than that, I’ll be banning Marcheese every step of the way.

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Marquis is not even close to a top tier character and would not be instant banned. Back when there were competitive matches, and before the Ambra buff, Alani and Miko were most commonly banned with Thorn as the next. Isic was a permanent ban because he was a terror, especially on PC.

I can see the bans being Ambra and Miko as most common, but also characters that seem OP, like Gali and Bene. If you team wants to do a heavy stealth team, Pendles, Shayne, Deande, OM, the I can see it, but not other wise.


I’m pretty sure marquis is banned instantly pretty much, ISIC is less worse now with his loss of AOE shots, ambra needs nerfs to be honest, she will be an insta ban, and that means more pendles for me and pendles players

Marquis. Boom. Pendles is useless. Take Ambra and Orendi too, they’re both very viable.

Yup, there goes Attikus and Toby as well. Montana will stay about the same, if a little worse

What!?! Miko or Alani immediately. No where close to Marquis

I don’t think I’ve once been killed by a Pendles as her. Between life steal and being agile, along with her reveal she spams constantly (constantly), I don’t see how your claim stands


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Marquis insta ban? When? Where? Why?


Is this about casual bans and picks or something, because I remember it was this one REALLY good marquis player who changed the meta with his playing and marquis became insta ban, isn’t miko considered inferior to alani and ambra, and ambra would be an instaban to me with how much she damn has

It depends on if legendaries are allowed or not. That was another big thing of competitive play. No legendaries, Miko > Ambra, with Miko < Ambra.

Also, way back when there were spots on the incursion maps where a Marquis could hit both sentries and be so away from the action. They have since changed a lot about the geometry and physics in the game.

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I haven’t heard anything about that, but he’s much weaker now. They really stripped him of his damage. Before that made sense. Now he’s low tier.
Mikos still considered pretty great I believe. Strongest heals, a super supply station and an early game stun aren’t nothing ya know
Ambra would probably be high up there now, but there’s not enough of a competitive scene anymore to be speaking on it too much.

Timeout, is draft only incursion, and I thought ambra was always considered superior with her insane versatility

@epicender584 I thought you thought his damage was fine before, like in the same discussion with that really good player, also more miko love, YES

I don’t really care too much either way. Rarely fought good ones

I don’t really know how the mechanics of how the draft would work, I am really curious but I will wait until the stream before I ask. When there was a competitive scene, it was Overgrowth and Paradise only and no legendaries.

I hope it would be vote on mode, random map, team vote on bans, random snake order for picks and no legendaries (or some of them are banned)