So who finally made the permanent switch to M4?

Took me a looooong time, but the absence of annointed enemies in the Handsome Jackpot gave me time to acclimate to M4 enemy tankiness, and for the first time in a while I went back into the base game and now M4 feels natural and just fine .

Annointed still suck and utterly ruin the game and any fun I’m having the minute they show up. Nothing sucks my enjoyment bone dry like suddenly hearing “come here gimme your ear!” Or any other of their taunts and knowing my enjoyment will be obliterated.

But aside from those morons , m4 is surprisingly fun. I dont know if I believe the 1000% armor and shield modifiers though, it doesnt feel THAT much more than M3.

But speaking of m3, it’s now way too easy. As soon as I started Moxi DLC , Loaders were dying in literally 2 seconds , was way too boring

Anyone else FINALLY able to comfortably play M4 ?

Fyi I’m a Moze main


I’ve made the switch as well with all
My characters now that I have a lot of the gear required. The only character that I’m having trouble with is Moze. I have tried all different builds and they seem to work alright in the new dlc and on athenas but as soon as I start fighting the tougher cov enemies and annointed I just can’t keep momentum. I can do it but I have more fun with the other characters which sucks because Moze is my main.

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I’ll barely even dip my toe into M1.

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For my PE : Moze work well in M4 with a bottomless mag (until the cap stone) + SoR build (until the boost of damage the lower in health you are). If you play deathless, you have a good mix of tankiness, amno management, and damage. Honnestly, other VH will do more damage, but they’ll suffer on the other two side.

Imo, Moze work well in M4 cause she get to really show her perk as a jack of all trades.

I had stayed in M4 till couple days ago and I was using Moze to plow it down with Tediore chucking but I went back to M3.

I’m not a challenge myself type but I like to be rewarded with annointed chances on M4 for how long it takes to defeat enemies/bosses. You can say I went from M4 to M3 now :frowning:

I’ve been loving mayhem 4, it feels much closer to how op levels used to play without the ridiculous mayhem mods.
The enemies could still be a bit harder, my Moze cuts through everything like butter even with the massive health boosts, but they’re on the right track with m4

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Always played M4, was easier on my Fl4k than Zane, however, with Zanes new mod they are finally on par with each other in M4.


I hated Modifiers so much that as soon as M4 came out I went to it and never looked back. And I’ll have you know I did that when my AoE Zane’s build could barely survive M3. I didn’t care. I hated Modifiers so much.

Now after further optimization my Zane obliterates M4 and would probably sleep walk through M3.


I am not a big fan of m4 but still made it permanent quite a long time ago. It is now confortable for my main, it is hell for the others characters though

I’m pretty much a Moze main as well, and I’ve been inching towards M4 as my default mode. I run a Bear Trooper build 99% of the time. Vanilla TVHM is just way too easy. M1 through M3 don’t feel much different unless I get certain modifier rolls. M4 is nice in that I actually have to hit an enemy more than once or twice to kill it, heh. Plus modifiers are kept to a minimum which I personally prefer.

I’m looking forward to Mayhem 2.0. What I want are tougher enemies, but not a bunch of random modifiers, and I hope 2.0 has something like that.


I haven’t used mh 1-2…i went straight to 3 after storymode was completed, then when 4 came out went to mh4 though if you got right gear and that mh4 is quite easy as I main amara now mostly, want to main zane as well but gave up on maining fl4k since he got nerfed.

Right away when it came out. No matter what level i was. Handsome Jackpot DLC with Zane TVHM at level 42. Quite hard because no good build or weapons at that point, but i managed it and was surprised how fast Bosses went down :confused:
First thing i do when i start TVHM is go to sanctuary and go to the highest difficulty

I found M4 perfect for the DLC. It was challenging but fun. Then got my a&& handed to me in the Takedown. Still figuring it out.

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Made the jump pretty much instantly. TVHM was too easy but I found M1-3 even less fun because the modifiers are so annoying, so I didn’t have as much fun as I’d hoped in the late game. M4 was pretty much what I hoped for all the time. Also, with the new anointments it’s not nearly as hard as the numbers made me fear.

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For the Takedown I dial it back to vanilla TVHM. :wink: I’m not that good! And actually, solo Takedown on vanilla TVHM feels just about right to me, difficulty-wise. No strange unwanted modifiers, and essentially on 4-player mode. If Mayhem 2.0 has something like that where you could scale the enemy difficulty, that would be awesome. Scale it to the equivalent of 2, 3, or 4 players while playing solo. Kinda like those ‘difficulty slider’ mods people came out with for past BL games. And in co-op, it would be multiplied by the number of players in your party (scaling up to a “16 player” equivalent mode. :slight_smile: )

Edit: hell, let solo players scale it up to the equivalent of 8 or even more players. That would be rather mayhem-ish, heh.


There is a huuuge jump between regular M4 and Takedown M4. I have only solo’d the Takedown once on M4, and it was absolutely brutal. On the other hand, I am absolutely shredding regular M4 (DLC, main story, farming, etc.) - not even a challenge at all.

I used to feel like M4 was just too hard. It really is not. The biggest issue is figuring out the meta, and then farming the gear, which admittedly takes forever.

Gearbox’s mistake was that they released way too much content when they released the Takedown, and this frustrated everyone. New M4 difficulty, 4 player M4 on Takedown even on solo, new anointments, broken Guardian Perks, etc. For end-game players, it may as well have been a new game. You did not have to use anointed gear to succeed on M3, whereas you 100% have to synergize your anointed gear correctly to succeed on M4. But once you figure it out, which admittedly takes a while, it is not too bad.

For M4 you really need to do as much damage as you can, as quickly as you can. This generally means having all “on ASE” gear. My personal favorite anointments are the ones with bonus elemental damage. The healing does not matter as much, although it is helpful. Get an Otto Idol to help with that.

I like M4 and think they are on the right track here. It still needs to get more difficult as the game ages, maybe with something where you can set the difficulty with a slider as high as it will allow? Like with HP, Armor, and Shield values on the slider?


MH4 feels great in handsome jackpot. Not as great in basegame and i’m not setting my foot in MH4 takedown with my moze.

CoVs in base game just feel the worst imo.

I just started playing again after a month off or so and hadn’t played much on m4. Moze was my main and after all the nerfs/changes, I felt like I needed some adjustments for her.

I’m trying my best iteration of one of the builds on here, the Siberian whatever it’s called and it’s alright so far. Different but fun, and I don’t have all the pieces yet.

Amara was easy though, got a spiritual driver after 30-45 minutes and she’s tearing through stuff pretty easily.

I immediately made the switch to M4.

Now with the new DLC you can get [certain DLC weapon] and just 1-shot anointeds even on M4.

If they found a way to maintain this scaling vs. difficulty level for each increment then the game would be just fine (after drop rates are fixed in vanilla).


That certain weapon is a staple on my moze for anointed enemies and tinks

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