So who finally made the permanent switch to M4?

Good on you for playing Moze :pray:t6:

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You gotta do a unique build or two with her but she can work and really roll thru things in M4. Green Monster and Blast Master mods with health Regen are prob the best survival setup if you combine with a recharger or bbb. I spam IB exits for ASE bonuses and hold my own with a full on dps Zane. Doubt she can min/max like the rest of them, but she’s not too far behind that it makes it embarrassing

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She’s perfectly fine for M4, but trying to get through Takedown with her was rage inducing for the gear that I had. Fl4k dies faster and Zane does less burst damage but both of them were better experiences imo.

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I put that bad boy on my digiclone and he goes toe to toe with anointed… and I gave him a cryo one. Not even fire

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Does Elemental Bonus on ASE work on Moze. My Moze friend is swearing up and down that it doesn’t work. I think he’s wrong

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It works. Most M4 builds for takedown and bossing are based around it and Some for the Road.

Works just fine for me.

It definitely works. I don’t even use an electric weapon but instead my grenade is electric ASE 50% on a grenade so that I can use a wider gun variety. It’s wonderful. The exceptions are bosses with shield, in which case I use a cutsman

Nah, I’m gonna stick below M4 most of the time as some weapons don’t even seem to be able to kill enemies properly. I’m pretty convinced that the health and armour increases are true, because for one, M3 can feel harder if your gear is being nerfed by all those modifiers and second, it sure feels to me like they can take about 3-4 times as much punishment as in M3 and mind you, it’s 1000% up from the base game, not from Mayhem 3.


I switched all my characters to M4 as soon as it was available and they have been there since… I just assumed that’s what everyone would be doing as well, to get the best loot chances possible.

Sounds like they need to introduce M5.


As the mayhem levels go up, you have to start adding more synergetic components to your build. Anointments become extremely important, along with sustain. Gameplay goes from killing one enemy at a time to finding ways to automatically kill trash mobs while you focus down badasses/elites. It’s not impossible, but the strategy, gear, and builds really show their weaknesses/strengths at M4

i haven’t touched any other mayhem mode since M4 dropped. i’m still kinda amazed at how quickly my Moze can melt anointed enemies. just get close and trevonator their face with fire balls, or unload the night hawkins into their ugly purple mugs.

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*exception anointed Militants :man_shrugging::open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Fellow moze main)

i take a bipod electric dictator to him, the shots that bounce off this shield recharge mine (transformer). and the extra fire from Moze skills helps keep him melt-able.

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I might have to get me one of those! Honestly when those guys come out, if they’re surrounded by other enemies I’ll just cheat a little by using a recursion. I try to avoid using those because they feel a little bit unfair, but they’re really good at thinning out the herd when things get pretty busy on screen

I agree, mod+artifact+gun = more damage, crit, etc.

Kinda agree, though not as priority to synergistic builds.

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Torgue alchemist, with even part of endless mags. Load it up with stickies. Wait till not immune and then reload. Splash damage build can 3 shot them.


It’s Not cheating using a viable strat.

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yeah, my Moze’s loadout rn is Scoville, Storming the Dictator, Night Hawkins, and The Trevonator (fire/corrosive), Transformer, (safeguard or whatever causes 5 sec immunity to dmg at half health, really nice because it always activates on 1st hit after it’s own cooldown)Deathless, Bloodletter, roided ghast call. My Moze can handle all difficulties pretty easily, invested in shield of retribution and bottomless mags, while getting the 1st tier of demo woman perk that adds fire dmg maxed.

also love the alchemist, it’s great for self inflicting electric dmg.

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