So, who has the "Thrall of Thralls" title or any other titles from the new op? Show your stuff here!

Got mine from one night of playing. Ten matches to get to 50 starting ops points, one more to get 100 ops points in a single match, and a nice score. Also got every title in the op, loving Deande’s and OM’s new taunts!

What does OM do in his new taunt

He uses his rifle as a guitar.

Cool, wish shayne and aurox got one

I completed everything I can and gained every title, taunt and skin in this DLC ^^

You can view the taunts in the command menu, but you can’t view the skins. Sadly only three BB have new taunts at this stage, I guess there will be more to come with the new ops, and probably some new skins as well.

My game is only at 20% very sad

Oh I didn’t see that before, well done, that’s quick work!

But what’s with the platinum trophy, I’ve heard of them occasionally showing up but they shouldn’t be in the game since beta, I have a friend whose highest score is 128k and he mentioned nothing about a platinum medal?

S&A does get a new title but that’s it so far :frowning: I still haven’t figured out why she gets a title though.

I don’t know why. Maybe if you get more than 100k score and don’t lose any lives?

Got it two times.

Nah it’s not that, I’ve done it plenty of times including the score posted above, beides any HC match on a high scoring map would be platinum. The score threshold is different for each map, but platinum shouldn’t be in the game anymore, and if some people are still getting it then where’s mine!?

Maybe it’s only for the Operations.

It seems to be for everyone but me :anguished:

He got 114k in operations, but it’s still gold:

While there are two screenshots above with platinum at 103k and 105k on normal (non-hardcore) difficulty. Something is obviously broken.

The story is Noir style.

Shayne talks about being Teen Detectives.

Boom. Also she has been heavily reworked, so it’s more of an incenetive to try out the new Helix options.