So who is excited for February?!

  • It is the month of Lady Hammerlock the Baroness,
  • the month of Evolve,
  • the month of Homeworld Remastered,
  • the month of a face palm Superbowl,
  • the month of House of Cards Season 3
  • the month of Walking Dead
  • the month of Better Call Saul
  • the month of Last Week Tonight

It also would had been the month of Witcher 3 if it wasn’t delayed.
It is also the month my FiOS is getting boosted to 75/75 mpbs.

What else is happening in February that matters to YOU?

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Valentine’s Day? FREE CANDY!!! WOOOO!!!

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I should hopefully get my money for tax return.

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Valentine’s Day cost me money though. A LOT of money.

I know. That’s the only reason it’s a holiday :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to see you cosplay Captain Hindsight.

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Oh cool cause it’s completely free for me, I love being showered with gifts.

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I’ll have 2000 bucks by the end of the month. I’ll buy my new computer at the 1st half of march.

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Nice, post your specs.

i7-4790+GTX970+16GB RAM+256SSD+2TB HD+BD-RW.
I know the issue of the 3.5+0.5GB of VRAM of that card.
Been waiting a long time for this.

Yeah I got a 970 as well, I found out the VRAM issue too late. Oh well, it is still a great GPU, I might get a second one.

All and all I say your pc will be Evolve proof. :slight_smile:

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not excited at all, it’s cold, it’s devoid of sports

Yeah, plus some video editing and some stuff that requires a computador pulento

If it wasn’t for Homeworld February would be like any other month.

Woo new House of cards season. Almost forgot about that. Also my birthday. And my dad’s birthday. And my mother’s.

The Walking Dead returns and my birthday! Althought to be honest, I’m getting to that point where I’m starting to dread my birthday. And getting older.

Birthday is like any other day for me. My best friend might surprise me with something but that’s about it.

The month of love? no not really…


Welp, another reason why Feb is fun. BL1 for the PS3 can be played online again.


Forever 21. Every year.

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