So, who really is Nurse Nina?

So, does it ever go in to exactly who Nurse Nina is? I remember hearing that she’d changed her name during the story mission in Concordia, but I never saw any other mention of it.

Actually, she says “Name is same because they expect me to change it… No, no worry Mama!”

Unless she crops up in Tales from the Borderlands at some point, all we know is that she was the nurse who assisted in Timothy’s doppelganger surgery, and then went on the run (presumably because Jack didn’t want to leave any loose ends…)

Edit: makes you wonder want happened to the doctor!


Check the Wiki, but I think she’s a Vladof family member who’s on the run from Dahl and Hyperion for some as-yet-undetermined reason.

The Nurse Nina bubble in Claptrap’s Subconscious does indicate that she’s the sister of Ivan Vladof, so you can definitely check off “confirm” on that one.

Hi, I’ve just thought that the name says all: Nurse Nina is a physician in the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. And she plays a role of running the med vendor machines on Elpis, and takes a tough approach to those who are being injured.

Nurse Nina is a physician in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. She runs the med vendor (“Healz”) machines on Elpis, and generally takes a tough love approach to patching people up when they’re injured.

In the past, Nina has worked for both Hyperion and Dahl according to ECHO recorders found in Stanton’s Liver and Jack’s Office. For unknown reasons, she fled to Concordia, being sought by one or both companies. As in a “Character Thought Bubble” in the Subconscious of Claptrap revealed, Nina is the missing sister of Iwan Vladof.

She appears in the Pre-Sequel!