So who wants the Lady Fist?

I’m opening this can of worms!

I’ll be honest, I want this thing. I could snipe with it on my Wilhelm. It would give me a reason to play Nisha for another 5 minutes. It would go beautifully with my CM Jack. IT WOULD BE A NEW GUN!

I know that this is probably the only controversial thing left in TPS, but it doesn’t really seem like too big a deal to me. If it breaks the balance of the game, half the crit damage to pre loot hunt levels. If it still wrecks to hard, then hooray boys (and girls) we got ourselves a gun!

But what do ya’ll think? Yay or Nay?


Agree with everything. 100% yay.

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That would make it alright. Still strong, but not gamebreaking. I would love to have it in the game at 400%.
Remember that the loot hunt buff was made with BL2’s scaling in mind. It was simply ignored before. TPS is different.

I’m actually in the middle of some DPS calculations on the LF
You think Nisha is broken ?
Wait until you see what she can do with a 800% crit LF

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I’ve seen it before. I just don’t care how it works with Nisha. She is already pretty broken. The LF would just expound that by a matter of degrees.

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You mean magnitude right ?

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I was going to say, I can’t imagine what Nisha would be like with the Fist. 11/5 Tombstone…holy s***.

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Eh, semantics :grin:

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11/5 TS is already pretty nuts w/out the LF. How much worse can it get?

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I can tell you as much so far: It’s more than twice as much as anything else she can do right now… and I was very conservative in my calculations (for example, I did not calculate Unchained at all…)


Agreed with Chuck.

That’s exactly what I was going to say :wink:

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She’s already got the highest DPS sans 999 CS Athena. I just don’t see an issue with it yet.

Also, wouldn’t it be awesome if they lowered the crit bonus to 200% but made it multiplicative? That way it wouldn’t be as bad with Nisha (who only has 1 crit boosting skill) but would be fine on everyone else for the most part, and totally bonkers on Jack and Aurelia :smiling_imp:.

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I hate mobile. Lol trying to quote, not working.

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Its kind of weird as well since Nisha is the only reason this argument is coming up. Any time I’ve seen a discussion on the LF, its in regards to how it would perform on Nisha.

Every char has that one skill in their set that makes them able to abuse certain weapons to the extreme. For no other character are there discussions on whether to include gear in the game because they could abuse it.

Especially since Nisha is so similar to Salvador in the sense that she puts every gun into overdrive. A shotgun that shoots unicorns is powerful AF on Nisha, so why should we be so concerned about how her skill set will allow players to break the game? Any gun worth half a damn would let Nisha break the game! Might as well just let it be.

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There is one thing that I would like to clarify:

Some people argue that this is a personal choice issue.
That it’s a “if you don’t like it, don’t use it” thing.

It’s not.

Game balance is something that makes or breaks games
You might like having an overpowered toy for a while, but people get tired real fast of it.

So the central question is not “would it be cool if this weapon was in the game ?”
But rather “Is it a better game by including it ?”

And the answer to that question is clearly no. Gearbox also thinks so: whenever something is unbalanced, they nerf it to acceptable level, ensuring that their game has replay value.

If this gun is included in the game (with its present stats) it will make the game trivial.
Sure, it’s well-balanced for most characters, but win buttons (no matter how specific they are) are something all game designers try to avoid.

…If they add it to the game…I will use it (so it’s not about not using it if I don’t like it)

…I just think it’s a bad idea to do so.


Ahhh, there we go! Got on the computer: exactly what you just said above as well. It’s one class built one way. There are five others with countless builds who don’t dual wield pistols and auto aim crits.

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With all the things GB has done to all the returning guns in this game (nerfing the FR on the Kerblaster, element locking the Bitch, parts locking Sledge’s, etc…) there is no way they can’t bring it back in a somewhat less powerful manner.

Balancing a game around a character who has a skill that was a win button in of itself isn’t really fair to the players. The devs designed Nisha with that win button in mind, why should every other character have to bend over to accommodate Nisha?

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Not quite to that level, that’s where the problem lies.

Making choices is great
making sub-optimal choices just to avoid a hole in the game is much less so

There is no real point in trying to make good builds and trying to improve yourself when there is a win button.

I’m not trying to say “this is how you should feel” I’m saying “this is how most consumers of videogames feel, and that’s why it makes no sense for Gearbox to do it”


That I fully agree with, no question.

I’d love to have more guns, more options :slightly_smiling:

But this is just too much. It needs to be fixed before it’s added otherwise you might as well bring back the Shooting star to pre-nerf values and have anyone without a build one-punch kill everything


I don’t care how they bring it back (but please no corrosive element lock…), just gimme the gun!
I need it, I want it, I gotta go GET IT! (woo, got excited there…)


That’s a fair enough argument.

In that context, i’m voting yes too.