So WHY do skulls come from hearts sometimes? (video)

Have had this happen a few times, perhaps one time every 25 hearts.
What possible Lore-based reason would there be for Halloween skulls to appear from Valentine hearts? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Demanding logic from inconsistent lore!

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In case you’re not kidding . . .

The hearts are “error” hearts, I can’t remember their specific name. They summon something from a previous event when destroyed (in this case, the Halloween event). Really this just lets you potentially get the Halloween event drops during this event.


If you read the name of the hearts that do it it’s something akin to “wrongholiday#####”. They have unique art

so yea it’s part of the holiday, they have a chance to drop all Halloween legendaries so it’s a way to get them at Max level.


The lil buggers gave me a lvl 53 Ghast Call, they can show up all they want :smile:


Today I enjoyed watching the skulls from my Ghast call chase down and catch a loot skull from one of those haunted relationship hearts. Pretty fun thing, tbh! Also, it looks like those loot skulls may have a higher chance of dropping anointed loot?

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I got a Fearmonger shotty from one so I’m not complaining.

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Got a Scream of Terror shield. I think it’s neat we can potentially get the Halloween gear.

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These are one my favorite things from the event. Wish I saw them more often.