So... Why do you end up on the Sanctuary when savequitting on the Maliwan Blacksite?

Like, I get why it fails the quest, but why not just respawn back at the beginning, as if you had died? It’s just a hassle, particularily if you are trying to reset Mayhem modifiers.

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I…honestly do not know, I assume because the area doesnt have a location to “save” you too, it has checkpoints, but no true spawn point, you just kinda…appear there

Because they’re trying to punish you by wasting your time. They don’t want you to save/quit for modifiers, but they can’t really stop it, so they make you pay in time.

Because it’s trying to repawn you at a save point you’re not allowed to respawn at (half way point) so it’s defaulting to another location. The same thing happens in Trials. If you quit at the end you’ll respawn at the starter area on Pandora.

Teleport back to the start of the instance and register with that New U station and you’ll relog to Blacksite as normal.

I don’t. I return to the start.

Not in my experience. I always get transported back to Sanctuary, even if I have not even reached the half way point.

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I’m on PC, maybe it’s platform specific then. There’s a lot of that going around.

Nope, I’m also on PC

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Had a closer look this time, I see what they’ve done.

As soon as the mission timer finishes counting down they shut off the fast travel system and it stays off as long as the mission is active.

Get yourself killed in order to fail the mission and it turns back on, then relog and you’ll be in Midnight’s Cairn instead of Sanctuary.

Ah, OK.