So, why is not anyone mentioning the absence of the vault marks

What I loved in Borderlands 2 and TPS, was to search and find the vault symbols. Some were really hard to find and that was so much fun. A friend to me, doesn’t even wanna play B3 because there are no vault marks to find.

So why remove something that apparently everyone loved?


Actually I hated these stupid things. Some were too well hidden and it you are completionist it’s very tedious to go around and get them all. Plus that one above Terra I could never get no matter how much I tried.

If you like checking every possible wall on a map for these things power to you. I say good riddance.

they wer, I believe, hinted at as markings left behind by the COV, and when the COV finally bursted foward…well they are putting that symbol everywhere else and not on walls

I loved them too and miss them. However with all the parkour in this game findibg tiny vault symbols could be almost impossible.

Yea I miss the vault symbols as well but I see them a lot on book covers and in weird places though they aren’t clickable :frowning: