So will it be possible to get enough VIP points to get the bonus weapon for BL3?

So, recently became a BL VIP. I still need points to get 3 more weapons to get the bonus unlock (Legendary Maliwan gun). Will there be enough events (ie weekly activities) to purchase enough weapons to get to this goal by launch? As of right now, I only see 3 weekly repeatables for 300 points; will more activities that reward more points be added? When will the Weaponizer reset? Thanks.

There should be two more weaponizers as I understand it, one for each of the three seasons.
As they’ve released more trailers/gameplay reveals/plot summaries, those have been added to the VIP activities too.
Will that be enough? For you, I think yes, since the two remaining weaponizers will leave you with one weapon to worry about.


I have already done all of the trailers so far, but when will the next season start? Still figuring all this out. Thanks!

Not entirely sure. We had guessed that we’d a new season each month, with there being 3 months until BL3 drops and three reward seasons. If that’s the case, the new season should drop soon.

Don’t worry about missing anything, they stated that they don’t have plans of retiring the season 1 rewards, there’s just more stuff added.

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Between the weaponizer rolls X 3, “The special Children of the Vault reward weapon from the Early Adopter Pack counts towards your total.” (Their quote not mine); for a total of 4 plus 16000 points to ‘buy’ 4 more. You can do this.
I have bought 3: Norfleet, Ol’Painful, Absolute Zero, spun weaponizer for Dahl Torrent and Jacobs Striker, and have the CotV weapon, that’s 6, and I still have 8200 points. I need to buy one more weapon and use the Season 3 weaponizer and I’m done!
Stay up on your codes via emails. The Mental Mars site has a great archive of codes.

A big shout out to Bran Tastrophe for the link! :+1:

Incase a link is needed


Thanks very much.:+1:

Yowza! Thanks so much! Any idea how often new codes drop? I am up to 2400 points and need more for next gun…

They usually get posted every few days. I know there are a few events soon that will result in a lot of codes so be on the lookout!

July 11, 2019 – July 14, 2019
August 21, 2019 – August 24, 2019
PAX West
August 29, 2019 – September 2, 2019


Creator codes are usually done for the events Bran Tastrophe posted. You can use 4 of them for each event. Diamond codes are given out for event actvities??? (Need confirmation on that as I’m not sure at all) Email and Vault codes as they happen + the weekly 3.

I got this from Mental Mars site…his direct quote, not mine, but it is great info!


Once you are logged into your VIP account, go to the “Redeem a Code Page” and you can redeem various codes. Because there are various types of codes use the correct entry box for each of the codes. By selecting the corresponding box a popup will appear where you can enter the code.

  • SHiFT Codes: These 25 alphanumeric codes are given out by Gearbox Software on social media. But because these can get lost in your feed, I collect all the Shift Codes for you.
  • Vault Codes: These codes are randomly giving out 2K Games.
  • Email Codes: If you signed up for the newsletters on the Borderlands site you can occasionally receive “exclusive” info and special codes.
  • Creator Codes: These codes are provided by key community members. Your best chance is to follow the Badasses from the Borderlands stream team.
  • Diamond Codes: These codes can only be obtained at events. They are unique alphanumeric codes that can only be redeemed once.

Just need 2 more, one spin and a buy.

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Thanks for posting this link. There were a bunch of vault codes there that I hadn’t redeemed.

Yes it is more then possible , I have 3 check marks. And I have almost enough points to be able buy the last 5. But I am waiting to see if they release more skins for season 2 of vip. We were supposed to get season 2 this month but not sure where it is

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Cool. I need either 2 more weapons or 1 if you count the preorder one (my rewards page says I have 7 but I only have 6 check boxes). Would like to spend the points on skins if there are going to be 2 more spin to wins.

Use this code while you still can :slight_smile:

1000 points!!

There’s a twitter page that posts codes for points. I think it’s just called shift codes. I dont have a twitter so I’m not 100% sure but I still use the page.

When is borderlands vip season next season coming out ??

I dont think its possible if you are unlucky i need 3 guns and i got in the weaponizer season 2 a grenade for the comander lillith dlc and it didn’t count i need 850 points to buy 1 gun and then i need 2 more how am i suposed to get 8850 points before release when i can get 300 points per week

I checked with the community manager, it’s 8 guns you need, either by purchase or by rolling the free roll each season.

MentalMars has the codes on his website so it may be worth keeping an eye on there or watching for the stream team creator codes.


Sorry it was bugged and or they updated the gun bar to count grenades.

Now i just need to somehow get 4850 points before borderlands 3 release

Excellent, thanks for the update.

I think the team knew and must’ve been working on it as soon as they found out. Glad it credited to you.