So with TftBL season pass giving loot in TPS announcment

I noticed a distinct lack of mention about Steam TftBL players. We did not get a season pass option, and while I would love to hope that this is realized and will be accounted for, I’m not sure if I can rely on this. Not getting these despite having pre-bought all episodes, just like getting the Season Pass on another platform would entail is a bit of a frustrating thought.

I’m not exactly expecting a mod response, though it wold be nice. That aside, anyone else worried about this?

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PC players have indeed been acknowledged. @Jeffybug clarifies here :


whopee yeah

Oh good, that is definitely what i hoped to hear.

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Since it’s currently on sale on Steam I bought it and am downloading now.

I got no clue where you are supposed to get them.

If it’s the kiosque where you redeem golnden key, it’s not in here…
Do you need a savegame of tftb somewhere to activate the rewards or is steam supposed to know you have bought both ?

It is there, just hidden by the keys : you need to use the sort function to make them appear.

When i say it’s not in there, it’s because there is NOTHING in there.

So yeah, it’s defenitely not in there.

@Kai_Ning this is how i had to get them, hope this helps

Oh, it worked ! Thanks.

Now i just need to know what those weapons, don’t really want them at level 58…

:blush: welcome!