So yea.. Galilea is stupid right now

A little tweaking is needed…im lvl 21 at the moment, and the only full games ive had where ive been absolutely decimated has been a Gally comp.

Just her and either Reyna or any Support really>fully corrupt Galilea = nigh invincible lol. Just this past game 4 guns on her and she just cuts through people like nothing.

Great defense with shield, healing/Dot, good DPS, mitigation with Ult, AND a long range stun? Come on now :disappointed_relieved:


Pretty much. Galilea is literally the new Phoebe. She was supposed to be getting nerfed for the open beta but it never happened. Sad days. :frowning:


Yup thing is…I was actually mum on Phoebe during CTT due to my main at the time (Melka) not really having trouble putting her down (better speed w/envenom & dancing around a DOT venom spike) but THIS chick is nuts lol.

On the positive side this seems to be the only glaring character so far, otherwise seems fairly balanced on the strong side of the spectrum atm imo.

As a gali player (until i unlock el dragon) i sadly have to agree. Once you are mid helix you just feel invincible. The gear loadout i have is exasperating this (damage reduction, bonus shield, health regen). I can solo both story missions without dying, and it usually takes 2-3 people to kill me in pvp if i don’t overextend.

Mind you a few very skilled players have murdered me on theur own since I’m only average at pvp. I find the only person I fear is ambra…such a pain.

She does seem powerful when supported and when she outlevels me but I have only run into one player that seems to be unstoppable. And she had support…and purple +Attack and +attack speed gear. I honestly think her Ult needs buffing.

Yea her Ult is underwhelming but everything else about her is kinda OP. She has abilities that stop healing, she has long range stun, her passive steals health and deals damage, her shield adds a ton of damage resist, she probably has the fastest TTK of all the characters. Very little downsside to her, but her ult is kinda weak and mostly used to avoid damage/heal.


I feel like I’m the only one that disagrees here but oh well. Here’s my opinion.

Galilea is not OP. She is a very good character, but not OP. The main complaint I find people have with her is her heal denial. This seems to be a core part of her kit, she seems to have been designed around being a hardcounter to Ambra. (And other healers) And looking at Ambra’s current state. This is a very good thing. Of course this can change in the future, but as of right now Galilea needs her current strength to go toe to toe with Ambra.

Now about her kit.

•Shield Throw
Galilea’s shield throw takes time to master, I even find myself missing it now. It applies a short stun that allows Galilea to either get in and damage the target or use it as an opportunity to run. The shield is lost to her if she does not take the starting skill that returns it on impact with an enemy or manually picks it up herself and if she takes the escape route and is without that skill, if she runs info anyone else along the way she has little to defend herself with. An annoying skill to be on the receiving end of, and even more so if she has skilled throw. But smaller, more mobile characters will have an easier time dealing with it.
My suggestion? Keep it the way it is.

The most versatile skill she has by a long shot. It can deny enemy healing, heal Galilea and allies, deal good DOT for a solid 7 seconds, silence enemies, pull enemies towards her, slow others or hasten her. This is where I’ll admit to her being anywhere near OP. The sheer amount of combinations you can tack onto this skill is insane. And is a go-to for rampaging through an entire team. (Which I am guilty of many times over. If Ambra players can enjoy being massive pains in the behind, so can I.)
My suggestion? Either give only the shield or desecrate the heal denial. Both skills don’t need it.

•Abyssal form
Not from great of an ult to be honest. Dishes out basically nothing for damage and makes her a sluggish black pit with a target on her… Back? It’s only real plus is the 250 health it gives over the time of the ult. If the enemy has any brains they will pursue, this has led to my death many times. I only ever use the skill as a last resort attempt to get away. And it only ever works when the enemy is as close to death as me. The 100% speed increase from level 10 gives the ult some use but nothing to shout about. Also, I’ve been knocked out of the ult a couple times, no idea how.

Galilea is fast, can be faster with upgrades, hits hard, and even harder with corruption. But she is countered very easily by slows and stuns, the bane of her existence. At the end of the day, she is a melee character and if you’re allowing her to get in close in the first place you’ve nobody to blame but yourself. IMO, if Galilea is nerfed, Ambra should be nerfed accordingly. I don’t blame anyone that says she’s OP, she definitely feels like it. Anyone will if they’re played especially good.

If it helps, I’ve found she is easily wrecked by El Dragón, Phoebe and Benedict. If a nerf happens, it happens. I’ll still play her. I just hope she isn’t turned into a cardboard box with a wooden stick from it.

I was playing El Dragõn against Galilea and he seemed useless. She just stunned me and did like 1000+ damage before I could move again, then she just finished me off, barely taking damage herself. I don’t want to immediately assume she’s OP but that’s a bit too powerful imo. To be fair though, for a melee character, El Dragõn seems like he has too little health, he felt quite squishy, so that probably contributed to it a little.

El Dragon does come off as weak, that’s true. And I haven’t played him myself so don’t quote me on this, but doesn’t he have stuns of his own? Any Galilea worth her salt will always start a 1v1 with her shield stun and it’s already easy enough to hit in CQC, nevermind a character as big as El Dragón. There’s also the possibility that the Galilea took 3 damage type buyables into the match, but personally I prefer to review character balance on their own. It’s also likely that she used a DOT desecrate on you or built into any other purely damage dealing upgrades.

That being said, I wouldn’t be too adversed to taking a second or half a second from Galilea’s stuntime with her potential damage output however.

Nah man, her base kit is literally just fine. It’s her helix tree that’s the problem. I will make another post to explain in a few minutes when I get on my PC

He only gets a stun if he’s using his ult, in which his Dragon Slam (i think it’s called that) then stuns instead of slowing or reducing damage, depending on the helix choice.

Realistically with that opening stun, she probably would’ve out damaged me anyway, it was the fact that I couldn’t really do anything. As I said though, he seems a bit squishy for his size and the fact he’s a melee character, so that could always be a factor here.

Alright that was definitely not a few minutes. Anyways, like I was saying Galilea’s base kit is just fine- her helix tree is the problem. Her right on level three (the ranged blasts) is incredibly overpowered. If you have a decent healer or even a heal station you can effectively maintain double damage at close range. Combine this with the desecrate and the shield throw and she can stun people then 100-0 them in 2-3 seconds. Playing against that is really just no fun at all.

Most people in the PS4 beta probably do not have all of Galilea’s mutations, which really push her over the edge. She can get a mutation that pulls people into her desecrate field (for the level 1 helix option) AND a mutation that applies a silence to the desecrate field. Not only this, but she can also get +35% attack speed with a mutation later on. Oh, and we can’t forget the mutation that gives the desecrate field a +50% area of effect. All of these things plus her other helix options just makes it ridiculous to fight against.


Nerf immediately please.

Keep in mind I also believe she is too strong at the moment:

Now the thing with Galilea is that she is supposed to feel OP (wait :wink:) , from my impressions, based off her kit and of course playing as and against her often, the original idea was to make her a nigh unbeatable hero when fighting in her territory, which has taken the form of desecrate. She is like a gladiator, desecrate is her arena/coliseum, and if you try to fight her inside your supposed to lose, even multiple people (after all her passive and ultimate are AOE), she is a defensive tank that can act like a slow moving death zone (most likely reinforced by lore). Now obviously something like that is going to be very difficult to balance. Ideally she should be able 1v1, 1v2, and on occasion if significantly fed, 1v3 inside her desecrate while killing anyone who dares continue fighting for too long. While outside her desecrate she may be able to 1v1 and if fed on occasion 1v2. In high level play she would only be viable with the proper team comp (tons of cc, additionally maybe the enemy team lacks ranged poke and assasins) because she would be easy to counterplay and avoid otherwise. The current issue seems to be she can already accomplish the situation described while fighting inside her desecrate- without desecrate… While inside it she is currently able to consistently 1v2, often 1v3 and occasionally 1v4…

This is because her base strength without desecrate even existing is too strong, yet desecrate itself does not seem to help her out too much.

Right now I would think the two commonly thought fixes are:

1- reduce her mobility, problem: She becomes too immobile and therefore too easy to counterplay or evade.

2- JUST reduce her current numbers, problem: Outside desecrate =too weak (good- ish), inside desecrate= not enough of an increase to compensate for her being unable to fight outside of it.

Correct solution in my opinion: Reduce her all her numbers with the exception of desperate (duh- no offence :slight_smile:) (not sure about nerf ing her mobility/cc/utility however…I think it’s better to leave it alone), which has it’s numbers get BIGGER! Result: the ideal scenario previously mentioned. She becomes nigh unbeatable inside descecrate but a bit below average outside of it!

This was copied from my own reply to another thread about the exact same thing- hopefully something isn’t missing!


Her damage is definitely too high. As Kelvin she stunned me (which is easy due to his large hit box), closed on me and dropped me a little over 1800 health before I recovered. There is no fighting that.

My thoughts are modify her stun by making it only work on unshielded enemies. That means she either needs to do some work to weaken a foe before finishing them or rely on teammates to drop shields before going for kill (would pair well with Reyna). She would obviously still be a threat to most eldrid 1v1, but there are also ways around that.

I think her ult isn’t underpowered at all, it serves it’s own purpose that goes beyond just damage. You can’t be hit for one, atleast from my experience with her I haven’t ever been hit while in my ult, this is great for securing a fight and weakening enemies before you pop back up to reign hell with slightly more hp, while they now have slightly less if you’ve used it right.

I know as Reyna I’ve tagged her with Priority Target, she’s popped her ult and my pulse shots, which are supposed to be homing (thanks to helix), miss (or I assume they do because they aren’t damaging her)

That is kind of the point of her ult, it’s a last resort survivability thing, really effective against burst and it, just like the rest of her kit, allows her to win almost all duels, assuming the opponent sticks around. This is basically supposed to be used when 3 or more guys challange you in your death trap that is desecrate, maybe you pick off one because they chose to to leave since it’s a 3v1, at which point you are low so you pop this to survive and should they wait for you to comeback up since you have been stealing health the entire time you should be able to still take out one of them, maybe both.

Anyways yeah it’s supposed to be used in order to dodge things as well, I can’t tell from your post if your complaining about it (no offence) or your just stating something.

I get that. Was using it as an argument against people claiming her ultimate is underwhelming.

Yeah I couldn’t tell, sorry :smiley: