So yea, hours of farming Traunt on Nekratofayo for Koason!

Okay go ahead, laugh it up… lol I don’t know what to say except I was really starting to think this drop rate is really really bad…

EDIT: was farming for Kaoson btw…


wrong traunt :v


Lol. Kaoson is dropping on Athenas from Captain Traunt.


yea thanks lol, I figured that out a few minutes ago when I finally looked it up on wikipedia :slight_smile:
Hence the laugh it up post…

I was like man these drop rates are soo bad, I did’nt have this hard of time getting sandhawks…

You’re not going to be able to tell the difference between them, as far as getting a Kaoson is concerned…


Did you at least find some nice DNAs?

Whats DNA?

General Traunt’s Mayhem 6+ drop.

ah I didn’t realize that was mayhem 6 only drop lol, I saw some but never picked any up because I never got any with good annointments.

SMG, I think, shoots projectiles in all elements except radiation. They fire in pair, sort of spinning like the destructo-spinner. Not sure if it’s that great of a gun. I found the projectiles to be too slow and low on damage. But I keep hoping someone will find a way to break it.

it seems to have potential for harmageddon
but the question is if that can compensate for a lot of shots, not being effectice against the target

Im playing amara right now, but Im curious to try Sandhawk and Kaoson with Moze Minesweeper build, seems like it would be good.

Yeah, and if it can maintain the DOTs enough to make the cycle work. I thought that maybe if using Dazed and Confused, I’d have at least least 75% effectiveness against any given mob. But again, the damage is pretty subpar (taking into account the projectiles).

Still, perhaps a new COM or artifact could make it viable.

Hope you got some DNAs.

Has any Zane player got a Kaoson to drop with a 100% cryo anointment? I’ve been farming Traunt like mad and have had something like 30 drop, but none with 100% cryo.

Unfortunately I did not get any DNA’s , I saw some but never picked them up with medocre annoints, didn’t realize they was mayhem 6 drops either…

Just what I’m doing, with a shock and fire sandhawk, and a X2 kaoson, and a recurring hex - good laugh, lots of screen effects when you hit those crits

Don’t feel bad. I farmed katagawa ball for an hour or so for the sandhawk before realizing the mistake.

I got one x2 with 100% cryo to drop several weeks ago. It was actually the 3rd one he dropped for me so it was pretty lucky

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Awesome… glad to know it’s at least possible. Thanks.