So yea, hours of farming Traunt on Nekratofayo for Koason!

Yea, I also got it on a sand hawk last night. I still for the life of me, after getting about 50 sand hawks in the last few days cannot get one to drop with <50+150 or 300>90. It’s like the game knows I want it so won’t give it up haha

Don’t worry too much OP. I have spent hours and hours on the correct Traunt without seeing any Kaoson, either so just pretend like it was the other Traunt and it’s no different.

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2 days 100% ASE not one .

I have here. in cryo as x2 think parts weren’t good either

No worries…Capt Traunt doesn’t drop kaosons either!


If you got some good Recursions you can trade them fo Kaosons at least

I just got another kaoson, it was not what I was looking for…

While sliding…

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It’s literally garbage. It needs a massive buff.

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If your on ps4, I can help. Let me know what anoint you want. PSN angotti81

yes he dropped , i got several already(>4), that gun can have mulitipler, i got 6k *2 , no Edmg. i think it can have much higher Dps version

similiar one is 4kx2,

have had bad luck with the kaoson and previously with the emp5 and boomer in that i have never seen any of these with that anointment… yet :yum:

At this point, after many hours of farming Traunt, and dozens of Koasons dropping, there’s got to be a problem with the annointments for that gun. I haven’t seen a single 100% cryo bonus annoint. What I am seeing is a whole lot of clone annoinments. Did someone at GB make a mistake when adding the gun?

I understand RNG, but come on.

I’ve never seen it on the Kaoson either although I have farmed Traunt mostly with Amara. I have no trouble getting the anoint on other weapons though when using Amara. I’m farming him with Zane now and still no luck. I’m also seeing far fewer Kaoson after the hotfix yesterday, which wasn’t supposed to affect dedicated drops.

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I’ve seen much fewer kaosons drop after yesterday too. But, I do have that one with the 100% cryo annoint but I got it about 2 weeks ago so not sure if the drops got jacked up somehow

Thanks for the confirmation of the annoint. I guess I’m just getting RNG’d. Again today, a few hours of fruitless pursuit. Nature of the game I suppose. I was spoiled by getting a 100% cryo rad M10 redistributor on my 4th Wotan kill after Mayhem 2.0 went live.

Yea, no worries. I also got 100% cryo on a sand hawk and a plaguebearer yesterday so I know it’s out there. I’ll check if I have multiples on kaoson, if I do I can send you one if you’re on pc and are inclined

but do you understand tRollNG?