So yeah.....Shield Penetration

So recently there was this way to make specific characters have infinite shields, most people know these characters, I personally never really got to face these beings in that state and was kinda dissapointed a the quick response GBX took with this “issue”, sure it might have been something “broken” but let me tell you something, it literally took three buffed Legendary gear to make an ENTIRE GEAR TYPE VIABLE, I was so pumped that I was gonna be able to try new combinations of gear and even implement Shield Penetration into them, as it looked like it was Shield Penetration’s time to come out of obscurity and shine… but of course majority of the BB community decided to go on the “Nerf This!!!” route and now this meta is still the same aside from Beatrix wrecking everyone and their mothers, I actually would’ve liked for the community to at least try to find a way through or around this, who knows maybe it would brought ways to play characters in a different way like come on Shield Pen Attikus or Whiskey, maybe even Thorn, Oscar Mike? Probably!!! but no and now Shield Pen is back to being useless so I have a couple of suggestions for the Shield Pen gear type as were it stands it will never be used for anything other than something really “bottom of the barrel” specific.

1:Drastically increase the stats on every single Shield Pen gear to a really high bonus and then go testing if it was too much or still not enough until you bring it to usable levels, If this isn’t possible then we move on to my second suggestion on what to do with Shield Pen.

2:Instead of Shield Pen change it to Shield Bonus Damage, since people prefer plowing through instead of bypassing then make it so instead of going through shields, they increase your damage on shields, sure this would mean that people like Attikus passive or other characters abilities and helix choices would change, maybe to Bonus dmg on shield or maybe to something different and entirely more useful, like for real though If something would happen to Shield Pen I would prefer this suggestion and maybe give Attikus passive an gain 25% Bonus Dmg on Shield, this would’ve probably make Attikus a counter for that never-ending Shield thing and even a strong counter to S&A and anyone that depends on shields, but if this is not even possible then there’s only one thing to do with Shield Pen.

3:Literally erase this from the game and bring something more useful, Like i’m not even kidding, I have yet to see ANYONE IN THIS GAME USE IT FOR ANYTHING, and anybody that tries to tell me otherwise is trying to go upstream against me, like you don’t see anybody going “Guys what do you think of my Shield Pen Loadout” or “Damn, that Shield Pen Loadout is busted, so broken, please nerf”, I don’t know what can be brought in exchange for Shield Pen but as it is, anything will be better than Shield Pen.


I used to use it on occasion, way way back in the day when it still applied to Sentries. But yeah, right now it’s pretty much useless. Buffing it up to 50% or even 75% would make it much more viable.

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Has anyone noticed it affecting held shields(gali,boldur,isic)? That might be useful if it works against them

Only thing it’s good for is killing Kleese through an established rift network.

Now we have 30 loadouts it may be worth having a shield pen niche build to counterpick Kleese on certain maps. Can’t see many other uses.

Kleese’s best counters (Foxtrot and Thorn mainly) have shield pen helices anyway.

This is why I like items such as Shield Web Interdictor that prevents shield recharging.

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Shield Pen’s only reliable use is to chip at least 1hp from a level 3+ Galilea and ruin her for the entirety of the match.

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Her health regen/pocket Miko counters it anyway, honestly. She doesn’t need her shield to go laser-wild.

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Pocket-Miko on Gali has been a very VERY rare sight for me. Can’t even remember the last time I had to deal with that nonesense.

I haven’t fiddled with Shield Pen lately though. Only time I had done so was with Alani for a couple of matches where I could get her Shield Pen value to about 52.5% fairly consistently. I think I got top kills during those games, although that may be just because it was Alani and not so much due to Shield Pen. lol

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It took one legendary and one zero cost piece of gear to break the game. Time Killer and a zero cost recharge delay is all that was needed. But that on Phoebe and she’s essentially got 165 points of regen at all times, is immune to crits and the 165 regen can’t be wounded. And that’s without what ever you are using for a third piece of gear. If you went all out and used Medical Nano Colony you would be at 214 points of regen at all times. While still being immune to crits.

And on top of all of that, Phoebe could maintain a 30% damage reduction at all times, making the damage output you needed to over come it a whopping 278 damage per second. You would need someone to lay down that much damage before their health bar even began to drop.

Please don’t act like this wasn’t an issue. I’m glad that it only took a few hours to fix because it was busted as all hell.


I did have some decent testing with Montana using the waveform destabilizer(think that’s the name) anyway it increases shield pen with each hit in a short amount of time up to about 50%.

huh? I use shield pen all the time. its great to chip away at their health while eating their shields.

Blaine I just have one question, Did you even try to use Shield Pen against this in the little time this was here? just yes or no.

No I didn’t.

And that’s my point, the fact there was a chance to see a gear, nay a stats type rise to the occasion to this and NO ONE EVEN TRIED TO EVEN MAKE COUNTER MEASURES OTHER THAN GANG UP ON THE INFINITE SHIELD Is what i’m more bugged out about, I didn’t fought against anyone with this sure but I actually wanted to, then from there I would’ve see if there was any type of combination of gear, characters and helixes to either go through this or go around it, IF at the time where I have already tried everything at my disposal to go against this and I still couldn’t go through this THEN I would’ve been fine with how GBX responded, you’ve clearly given the credibility my post needed for it to become a fact, we have a way to go through shield but no one took it, has anyone ever consider that maybe these buffs are there to make useless things more useful? I’m not saying the infinishield wasn’t broken or not but nobody decided to tackle this head on to figure out anyway to deal with it therefore the “Nerf This” route, but this is my opinion from someone who only looked at it from afar, maybe if I fought with it I would agree with what you said. I just think everyone got on the Nerf wagon to quick.

So my post is more about bringing some sort of viability to a dead gear more than just saying that the infinshield was or wasn’t broken really, like seriously they’re taking 15 slots, I just want to see some use from them.

And About the three Legendaries I meant Time Killer, Hidden Charger and Medical Nano-Colony as they were they Key items for the Infinshield.

Now this feels like we like to bumps heads with each other XD.

The reason most legendary gear is useless is that fact that it’s too situational. Something I learned when I played MTG was you never build yourself depending on your enemy. If you plan correctly, you destroy them if not you wasted yourself. A full shield pen build would have worked for dealing with this or using something like Shield Web Indicator. But if your enemy wasn’t abusing this then it was just a waste of your build.

How many people would adapt to just seeing a Phoebe, Ghalt or Shayne and immediately go for their shield pen build? And how many Phoebe, Ghalt or Shayne players would just play their character normally knowing that the enemy team was going to waste their gear and helixes on shield pen and come in with a massive advantage?

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Well now I’ll probably never know the answer to that but this is no different to what you do when you see a Pendles really, you adapt to the situation, and well for me at least I feel Attikus would’ve been a great counter to this as the way he’s built is to go against shields, 25% Shield Pen on passive, Guardian Shieldbreaker or Waveform Destabilizer and Disruptor Field would increase this plus Hedronic Arc does wound and Shield Pen would allow it to also go through shields, If this wasn’t enough then it would’ve been good feedback for GBX, I just didn’t like there was no trial and error against this.

Who knows, they’ve might put the Legendaries on reasonable levels instead to reverting them to useless and they might have be more prone to give some characters or gear some needed buffs Iike I don’t know maybe instead of Shield Pen on Atti’s passive they would’ve just given him Shield Web Indicator Leggy effect but now we won’t know what could’ve come out from this.

and I can count over 50+ people that could’ve adapt to this (including you) if we would’ve just tried to tackle this.