So you need lifesteal with Bloodletter?

Because without using grenades/vampyr, which is great when you’re OUT of grenades, you’re kinda screwed. Took so long doing one fight, when I had to back up to deal with the group after it, the enemies behind me had respawned. I promptly turned off the game at that point.

For the most part you need life steal without Bloodletter too; normal shield regen is basically always useless.

But yeah, if you’re running Bloodletter you definitely need life steal.

Lovely. Just running around at 42 with MH 1 on, and it’s frigging painful. Considering I’d gotten a Bloodletter Mod a while back and figured, “oh yeah, can use this for my Moze.” Now I know about how that got changed. I think I need to put this game on hold for a bit and work on something else. Have a mid 40s FL4K, and level 8 Amara, not even started a Zane yet. Was doing chest farming with MH3 on in Reliance in hopes of getting some decent gear. But now I’m just getting bored.