So, you think it's easy fixing bugs


Just wanted to say, for all those who are impatient that GBX haven’t fixed everything yet …

I know I’m going to get flamed for this but I wanted to put a little perspective on the task at hand.

If you have the time and inclination, have a look at a simple programming language like, say, Pascal or even
Then write a small program that will sort a list of numbers into ascending order (or descending if you like).
See how many lines of code that requires to make it work.
That isn’t even comparable to a freckle on Tiny Tina’s nose.

Imagine the millions of lines of code needed to produce an environment like Pandora, fill it full of things that
move about (with basic AI for most) then put in a character that has many, many variations to their interaction
with that environment … projectiles with different characteristics for each gun … elemental effects … shields …
Yes, sorry, I could go on … (and I did a bit)

Then give all that to another software company to re-jig it for current gen platforms (Iron Galaxy) …

Right, now go and find that bug …

Look, all I’m saying is, give them a chance to fix these things … and it may not be the following day but it will be
as soon as they can.

I too am disappointed that some of these issues are there but I am 100% certain that they are doing everything
they can to get this all sorted out. Feedback is good - Stamping your feet isn’t.

It’s their job, yes … but it’s not their sole reason for existence.

Thank you.


This thread is required reading. I’m quite tired of all the complaints around this forums. How is a company supposed to be happy about their product when 99% of what they get back is just negative feedback? They’re going to want to stop.


Preach, brothers.

The reason we’re all pissed is because we payed a premium for a product that Gearbox prematurely brought to market that was, as Scooter would put it, ‘Broke as hell!’. Do I think fixing bugs is easy? That’s an irrelevant question. You were correct in identifying that it’s their job. They went to school for it and I’m certain they are more than adequately compensated for their work. I don’t however blame them for the product hitting the shelves before it was ready. That’s Gearbox’s fault and I genuinely feel bad that the programmers are taking the heat for Gearbox’s poor choice to cash in too early. I’m 50 years old and have been gaming since I was 12, and never in my experience have I played such an inherently flawed video game who’s fundamental framework and game engine has already been around on three different platforms for three years. I personally think all the negative feedback is warranted. I hope it puts things in perspective for Gearbox so hopefully in the future they’ll think twice about jumping the gun on a product that’s not ready.


Yeah the bugs being easy to fix isnt really the point here. the point is that they shouldnt have to be fixed in the first place. Main selling points of HC:-

  • Cross-save feature with badass rank
  • Completely remastered 1080p 60fps 1-2 player

Main issues with HC on release :-

  • Cross-save issues and no badass rank
  • big framerate drops in single player and massive screen tearing especially in pre-sequel!

I think you get my point. sure, there are going to be minor bugs in a game, but when something is supposed to be completely remastered you would think it would iron out the old bugs, not create more.

It just feels like this was a real rush job and now we have to sit and wait till it gets fixed.

You hit the nail right on its head.
Frankly, the first time I saw the anouncement for THC I already got the feeling that they wanted a quick cash in.
Might not be bad at first, but when new issues arise in a in a port of a game that is around already since 2012 it does make me comfertable to stick to my PS3 copy of both 2 and TPS.

Sadly, nearly everyday I find new reasons to dislike the people who run GBX. Not the programmers but the higher ups who want the games pushed out as soon as possible.

Not to mention the complete absence of vibration feedback to the controller. How on earth did that get missed by the testing team? I mean, seriously?


The weird thing with the vibration issue is it’s limited. I’m REALLY curious to understand why that is exactly. Neither myself nor any of the people I play with have the issue, and I’ve only seen a few people on here bring the issue up. That’s not to say only 3 people have the issue; I just wish I knew why it affects only certain people.

I had made a suggestion about upgrading controller firmware before, but it doesn’t fix the issue. So I’m at a loss on that one.

I have the vibration bug, but my bother doesn’t. He has the disc but I downloaded the whole gajillion GB so I wouldn’t need to change discs for some BL action. Perhaps it’s a digital version issue?

On the plus side at least there’s no screen tearing in my version like I’ve seen in the vids.

The screen tearing for me comes and goes. I’ve kinda adjusted to it.

Regarding vibration, I’m on disc, but I’ve seen people who have the issue with a disc install.

I would, however, like to point out that, despite being infuriatingly nauseating for some, screen tearing is actually caused by higher framerates than your tv/monitor can sync to. I feel like not enough people know that and place tearing in the same pile of complaints as FPS drops.

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I’ve counted at least 8 different people report the vibration bug on separate threads in this forum. I’ve also noticed that there’s roughly only 30 people who actually post and respond to anything in this Xbone Tech Support forum. That’s about 26% of us members who’ve actually identified as having the problem. There are most certainly a lot more out there.

i barely get any screen tears for borderlands 2 and most of the time the game plays fine. For the pre-sequel tho it’s a different matter. screen tears all over the place.

some bugs are easy to fix, and some require a lot of work. But weather it is easy or not was never the issue. Like others have stated, how did all these bugs get past testing to release it in the first place. Lets face it, the key features pushed on this game, are the biggest issues with it, it was never delivered as stated by them, so ya, people who bought this, or even spent hundreds on next gen system just to play what was promised, do have a right to complain, period. After all, they sold us something that did not give us what we paid for
So now their left to fix it or ignore us and take the chance of drowning their company, their at bat, lets hope all gets made right
Game companys are really starting to make things like this a habit anymore, no more remasters for me, till I hear a lot about it from players, not game companys

It should have been delayed until major selling points bugs were fixed. I got this game day 1 and haven’t touched it since. I mean how can you run ads saying it 60fps when its clearly not. Thats some shady back handed ■■■■. By the time its fixed you could get it in the bargain bin for $30 or less.

Makes me want to pass on any more of Gearboxes games at launch. EA did the same thing with battlefield 4 now I will not buy them.

Beg all your pardons then …

I thought the main selling point of “The Handsome Collection” was the HD upgrade and all released DLC bundled.
The cross save was a bonus.

But hey, I can be wrong, I’m human.

I also agree that it should not have got through beta testing in this mess.

Maybe with the immeasurably more complicated software there is now than 40 years ago, plus system updates to PS4 and Xbox 1 that may have odd quirks about them, it just happened to bug out.

Also, I think the publisher is responsible for time schedules … That being 2K not GBX and Iron Galaxy did the port to PS4 and Xbox 1.

Anyway, it was only my thinking, my opinion and in no way the ultimate truth.

Just trying to be reasonable.

I am happy to be wrong, I’m allowed,
I’m human (well mostly, part of me is cybernetic demon)

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I agree. The cross save wasn’t a selling point for me either (but it is a huge bonus!). I was offline in my ps3 days so the extra DLC + HD were the main things for me.

You know, there is one other bug issue, in general that needs to be brought up, and that is the QA size. As with any piece of complex programming, there are just some things that do not come up during testing. I don’t know how the badass rank was missed, because that seemed pretty big, but hit and miss issues like screen tearing or vibration, tend to not come up until after release, because the test pool is too small to catch the issues. But this is nothing new and the unfortunate fact of the matter is that bugs are going to be more common place the more complex the games get. Yes game devs have a responsibility to squish as many bugs as possible prior to release, but unless they want to open beta every release, there are still going to be bugs that go undetected because they don’t come up during testing, or even get caused by fixing other bugs. Yes the number people experiencing the bugs seem to quite large, but what percentage of the overall install base do they comprise? Look at it this way: if the install base is 100,000 people and 100 experience a particular bug, then the test pool prior to release would have to be at least 1000 individuals on their own systems to have a decent enough probability for that bug to occur once during testing.

Unfortunately they dont have the luxury of stopping as you suggest because they sold me a 60$ pile of turd that wont even vibrate my controller when i fire a gun. EVEN MINECRAFT VIBRATES. Everyone is getting on the bandwagon that it’s suddenly acceptable for publishers to sell us UNFINISHED GAMES and then just patch as they feel like for the next 5 months. PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, STOP HAND HOLDING AND START DEMANDING BETTER SERVICE.

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I know I’m not alone when I say that being promised the ability to transfer my old characters from 360 to Xbone was THE primary reason I purchased the HJC. If I was mainly interested in a higher definition gaming experience I would have simply played it on my PC. But I prefer to play with my friends from my sofa on the big screen. I paid extra money to have the HJC express shipped to my house so I could play my old characters with my friends on launch day. It took over a week to be able to do that.

I understand the problems, I really do. (And I’m surprised that controller vibration is the issue that’s at the top of a lot of peoples lists…) But it’s still a problem of “oh look, something new releasing. Better avoid my favourite forums for a few months.”

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