So you want to be an Intergalactic Champion huh? (Guide)

So you want to be an Inter-Galactic Champion huh? Well you have come to the right place my friend! With the help of this guide even your tiny wimpy human arms will be wrestling the enemy team into submission! I will be going over everything from GIANT ROBOT ARMS and High Flying Luchadors to clapping and pummeling your enemies until they pop like pinatas!

First let’s start with an overview of the character so you can decide for yourself if he is the right one for you.


What is he good at and what defines him? First would be his GIANT ROBOT ARMS and ability of putting on a show for all who are watching because let’s be honest all of his animations look pretty ridicules. He is very squishy but compensates with very high sustained and burst damage thanks to his kit and helix. While you will need a team to back you up on your journey to retake your championship title he can most certainly win some 1v2 or even 1v3 fights when played right. With your high mobility, CC, and almost unmatched damage you are most certainly a huge force on your team but just remember if the enemy has any form of CC to stop your combo you will be picked apart without a team backing you up. While characters like Rath and Phoebe or even Attikus can put out a lot of single target damage or even aoe with their ults none of them quite have the sustained damage El Dragon has. He has to play in and out early game but as the game progress and you gain levels you will soon find yourself going in and in again as the enemy team will learn to fear your wrestling moves and clap of death, popping them like piñatas will soon get easier as you level up. While some characters have great initiation options none of them can compare to your championship combo of knockup, burst and stun. Let’s go over his progression throughout the game to get a better understanding of what you should be doing and when.

Early Game

You might be thinking wow this huge guy with giant arms must be pretty tanky right? Yea…. Not so much…. He has a very bad early game that depends on how much damage you can get in while still having an escape option. If you grab his slow on clothesline then you will pretty much be winning most 1v1’s because of his really high damage output, but if you get the minion wave involved or another person decides to help them you will most likely burst like a piñata. Never engage when you don’t have backup or if you have to dive the minion wave to get to them since his best defense is literally having a better offense. Stay back early game and try to secure kills or 1v1 as best you can, also keep dragon splashing the minion wave and clotheslining out to soak as much exp as possible.

Mid Game

You know what hurts? Giant robot arms! You know what you have? GIANT ROBOT ARMS! Upon hitting level 3 you gain his clap and are finally able to deal with minions at a safe range. After hitting level 4 he gains one of his best skills which is the knockup on his clothesline. I can’t stress enough this is the most important part of his kit since it basically defines his role and ability to initiate effectively. If the enemy team is grouped up and ready for a beating go ahead and clothesline in and toss them into the air for your team to follow up. Follow up with a dragon splash to either help escape or provide more hurt (your choice) if you don’t have a team to back you up I usually go with the former. Feel free to gather crystals with your clothesline mobility and build turrets to level faster.

Late Game

Upon hitting level 5 is where it gets fun! I can’t stress this enough, even though his skills look like they do little damage they really start adding up when he engages with his number 1 champion combo. Start with clothesline just like normal but then proceed to pop En Fuego and Dragon Splash after that for the stun. When added up they do around 700 damage in about 3 seconds in a large area that you can follow up with some claps to maximize your aoe damage or just focus the support when stunned with your GIANT ROBOT ARMS! I’ll be going over what helix choices to get further down but just know you will be maximizing pain as well as getting some sustain to stay in longer.


  • Fantastic late game.
  • Really good sustain late game.
  • Best initiation in the game.
  • Great mobility with clothesline
  • One of the most game changing ults in the game
  • Really high single target damage as well as aoe damage
  • Has good CC with his knock up on clothesline and stun on Dragon Splash while En Fuego
  • Has GIANT robot arms


  • Fairly weak early game.
  • Doesn’t have any sustain early.
  • Relies on his Clothesline for initiation and escape
  • Really squishy and doesn’t get sustain until late game
  • Lost his human arms
  • Easily focused and CC’ed
  • Lost his championship title

Good Matchups

Orendi, Marquis, Deande, Miko, Ambra

Bad Matchups

Caldarius, Boldur, Benedict, Ghalt, Toby, Montana, Kleese

I’ll breakdown all of his skills and how to best use them. I will also cover his combo and when to use it and when not to. I will also go over his passive management and how to maintain those stacks.

Undisputed Champion (Passive)
His passive boosts his damage by 1.5% for each kill he gets maxing out at 10 stacks for a boost of up to 15% on all of his melee attacks. Some people get confused and think this means battleborn kills only but that’s wrong. He can gain stacks from minion kills as well as large crystals. This makes it very easy to accumulate stacks and keep that 15% up at all times. When you die he loses half his stacks which at 10 means you only have to kill a minion wave to get back to 10. Early game when it’s hard to stay in and kill minions it’s better to go after as many crystals as possible over the minions until you hit level 3. After you have your clap killing minions is much easier and will no longer be a problem. If you do die go ahead and just dive a wave to get your stacks back before you engage the enemy team again.

This is your best source of mobility as it can pretty much guarantee an escape with it’s speed. It is pretty weak in the beginning and should only be used to escape or initiate a 1v1. If you have good map awareness you should know when you should go in with it to secure that kill, otherwise stick to using it as an escape. This skill really shines after you hit level 4 and get the knockup on it. It becomes arguably the best initiation in the game allowing you to slow as well as knockup people in a pretty wide area. After you hit level 9 it becomes your best source of sustain with the 100% life steal on hit including the knockup. You should be getting 1000+ health if you dive a minion wave with it.

Dragon Splash
Your greatest source of aoe damage as well as the best skill to help you soak exp. Depending on how you build your helix you might have almost no cooldown on it and will be zooming around the battlefield or will just have really good aoe damage on it. Early game you want to bodyslam the minion waves then clothesline out and let your team finish them to soak exp since your very squishy in your early levels. After you pop En Fuego this becomes a very powerful stun with a pretty big radius. Don’t be afraid to Dragon Splash into the enemy early game because chances are you can almost always escape with clothesline unless they have an early stun like Galilea. Although they nerfed the height on it you can still use it to get on top the bridge on Paradise by jumping on the lower platform before jumping up to the bridge.

En Fuego
One of the best ultimates in the game simply because it gives you one of the best stuns in the game and boosts your dps by a large amount. You either want to pop it before you go in if they have a CC heavy team comp or after they get knocked up by you or CC’ed by your team. Never just pop it in a panic as you will most likely waste it since El Dragon is pretty squishy. It is best used in El Dragons combo which i will go over below as it maximizes your initation damage and CC.

El Dragons Bueno Undisputed Championship Pinata Popping Combo Of Ultimate Effectiveness That Will Most Likely Kill Someone!
To maximize this combo you will want to take flailing fists at level 4 and Splash damage at level 2. You start with clothesline and go into the knockup. While they are in the air you want to pop En Fuego then go into Dragon Splash for the stun. Afterwards you will want to either focus someone or clap to maximize your aoe damage. Always go for crits with your melee if your focusing someone to drop them as fast as possible since they won’t be moving… You should be able to 100-0 most of the cast with this combo as the damage is just insane for an initiation. Always remeber if they have CC it’s better to pop En Fuego first and intiate with the stun since you will most likely die before you can stun them with the normal combo.

Helix Choices

Level 1
Stunner vs Untouchable vs The Comeback

It’s really the best choice for pvp since slowing them not only allows you to beat on them while they are helpless without an escape skill but also slows attack speed. I always grab this one which helps a lot for 1v1’s and prevents people from escaping my Luchador smack down. The other choices are more for tankyness but really don’t bring enough damage reduction to really make a difference.

His worst choice in my opinion since you are never in Clothesline very long and only really useful for escapes. Never pick this one unless you like losing 1v1’s against people early game.

The Comeback
This is my go to skill for pve since enemies really hurt on hardcore and you don’t have any range until level 3. It helps when you go in for his combo but I find the slow better to ensure I hit them with Dragon Splash for the stun. Pretty decent choice but Stunner is the better one here for pvp.

Level 2
Splash Damage vs Momentum

Splash Damage
The better choice for wave clear and the one I always pick since without it you need to rely on his clap at level 3. Does good damage and can wave clear easily combined with his knockup at level 4. You can go with momentum if your team already has good wave clear to help you chase people.

Worse for wave clear but really helps when chasing people and gathering crystals. It’s a solid choice so it’s up to you and your team comp which choice is better that game.

Level 3
Deafening Applause vs Power Fists

Deafening Applause
Really the only choice here since Power Fists lowers your dps and you lose your only ranged attack. It helps him chase and provides great aoe damage…. Yeah like I said the only choice.

Power Fists
Really bad… like really bad…. It gives him a delay to his melee combo and lowers his dps while removing his aoe. Never choose this one ever.

Level 4
Rope-a-Dope vs Flailing Fists

It’s kind of useful for his whole in and out slow tactic compared to Flailing Fists it just doesn’t stack up. Never pick this one if you want to win and do well.

Flailing Fists
His best helix choice since this basically defines his initiation ability. Always pick this one and you will have no issues with winning the match.

Level 5
Heavyweight vs Uncanny vs Welterweight

This is my go to but the others aren’t a bad choice either. He kind of needs the damage reduction since you will be initiating but it’s really up to you and your preference.

If you prefer burst damage go right ahead and grab this one. I think you can get out around 1000 damage with his combo if you choose this one and have max stacks but if they have CC you probably are going to want the damage reduction.

Not my favorite but if you took Momentum at level 2 grab this one to be a speed demon with a boost of up to 65% speed after body slamming a minion wave. Great for catching all those speedy characters like Caldarius and Orendi.

Level 6
Hang Time vs Unstoppable vs Neckbreaker

Hang Time
This is the one I usually go for but the other two are fine choices as well. Most people just read the crappy health regen it gives without reading the immediately triggers his shields to recharge. It gives him a little tankyness and sustain but it’s all your preference for this level.

Really good choice since after your stun you have free reign to beat on them for 2 seconds. I grab this sometimes if we don’t have enough dps on the team.

Decent if you grabbed Flailing Fists since it adds damage to his knockup but the other two are usually the better choice.

Level 7
From The Top Rope vs Big Splash

From The Top Rope
Great if you picked Momentum since you can get about a 70% cooldown time on Dragon Splash otherwise the larger splash helps with hitting more people with your stun.

Big Splash
Pick this if you prefer hitting more people with your stun. I usually get about 2 people but have gotten all 5 before with his skill.

Level 8
Heart of the Champion vs Unbelievable vs Attitude Adjustment

Heart of the Champion
The life steal isn’t really noticeable (like 100-150 per hit) so I prefer the other two over this one.

It can be okay if you get the hang of it but it’s still very hard to keep people locked down with it. I prefer this one to try and isolate someone from the fight or knock them off the ledge since his dropkick doesn’t have huge knock back.

Attitude Adjustment
You kind of have to waste time with the drop kick animation since you could be just doing damage instead. It’s better against tanks since the 16% does boost your time to kill on them but for squishy characters it’s better to just attack them.

Level 9
Cut the Line vs Lifeline

Cut the Line
It’s okay but since Clothesline is sort of glitchy it’s hard hit more than 3 people with it so the return isn’t really worth it.

The better choice in my opinion since it gives him much needed sustain. When your hurt just dive a minion wave and regain all of your health back.

Level 10
Title Fight vs Unquenchable vs Dragonfire

Title Fight
My go to since it just overall boosts your combo damage. Pick this for higher burst.

This is the next best choice with it doing really good damage on sentries since they don’t really move. I prefer this one on Incursion to help melt the Sentry faster.

Never pick this one……

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or suggestions just ask. :smile:


Good guide, pretty much fully agree but my brains hurt from reading all that so don’t quote me.

My initial learning curve with Dragon has been harder than most, my best character is Thorn btw.

  1. I play Dragon on PvE public games and get dead a lot.
  2. His clap is what clears out just about everything but if you don’t pay attention you end up dead fast.

So, stop clapping for a second and look around, see that big crowd? Use your escape route.

Final note, still not sure why but I seem to die a lot DURING the Splash, that’s like Krieg going down during Beast mode.

Yeah that’s quite a difference in play style since Thorn is much safer and has better mobility all while being better at bursting. I would recommend just going in and out with him until you hit at least 5 for En Fuego so you can burst whatever you go in on. [quote=“wisecarver, post:2, topic:1443648”]

  1. I play Dragon on PvE public games and get dead a lot.

I use him on advanced hardcore and know how easy he goes down. basically you want to play footsies with his clothesline until you hit level 3 and can get much safer damage out. upon hitting 9 though you won’t have any problems anymore since the life steal is so good.

You have to pay attention to everything around you since your so squishy. always save clothesline if possible early game for escapes.

After they nerfed it’s height it became a lot easier to hit him while performing Dragon Splash so i recommend Hangtime at level 6 for the shield recharge.


Excellent points, thanks a bunch! :sunny:

On Helix 1 i always pick the 30% less damage in PvP, i never found the 2 skills, the 30% reduction and the Slow is very situational, if you are against mostly Melee, the reduced damage is better, if you are against something you need to chase the slow is better.

Also, so far i have never had a problem landing a Dragon splash for a stun (unless i get CC’ed but they can do that if they are slowed anyway) so i don’t agree with your Helix 1 pick, the rest i agree on though. I would say the Slow is better for people starting out as it makes it easier to land the different skills, but when you get better, the slow won’t be that important. Talking PvP by the way.

Good guide, good to see more El Dragon love.

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It’s just preference i guess since both reduce the opponents dps. I just prefer the slow since it also allows easier crits since your faster then them even when walking backwards.

Thanks for checking out the guide and providing your input. :grin:

Agreed, at first i did use the slow, but i found that the damage reduction for me was better, when it’s up i have 30% damage reduction from Helix 5, 30% damage reduction from Dragon splash, and 8% damage reduction from gear, making me quite tanky while still having a lot of damage.

And yeah the slow do help with crits a lot.

It’s a well written guide. Very clean and easy to read.

This was a great guide, and I have become a terror with El Dragon since reading this. Here is one example from an hour ago.

El Dragon Dominance

In any case, I think the slow on Helix level 1 is far superior to the damage reduction. The slow lasts after the impact, whereas the damage reduction is only until you end the clothesline. If you play correctly you aren’t in clothesline for very long before dropping the knucklebomb to pop up the enemy, so I think its use is limited. It is good for escape, I will concede…but I usually need to escape way before my clothesline is finished cooling down.

What gear are you using for him? I’m currently using health regen, cooldown reduction, and damage reduction. I don’t love using the tanky gear, but I feel it covers a big weakness in his game. I find that I already do plenty of damage and I’m already fast enough (although I have been tempted to take improved sprint speed to catch running enemies).

The helix choice seems nice but you refer often to his “combo” but you don’t mention what combo you’re using.
And what about gears ?

I picked “dragon fire” once against a benedict
It was amazing to roast him everytime he tried to fly away

Yeah I was going to add
The combo to the skill section but haven’t had the time to edit it. I’ll do gear when I go over his skills. Dragon fire removes the ability to clap while doing less damage and being 4x slower so it is in no way worth the trading for its range.

Honestly I don’t understand the use of the clap

His clap is the birth of ancient Aztec thunder, the booming eruption of impending defeat for any who dare step into El Dragón’s ring. The amount of times I’ve secured a kill by chasing after a fleeing opponent, and slapping the luchador’s palms together like I’m trying to startle a pigeon, is delightful. Once you hit level 3, the blossoming of the beautiful flower that is El Dragón, it becomes a damn reliable AoE, rocking greater range than his attack-string and with damage that sits comfortably in the range of ‘alright’. So if you’re in a melee against more than one fella, and you have no reason to disengage, just break out into a riotous applause while bounding around like a mad, Mexican kangaroo, making the sound of jovial encouragement be the last noise your opponents enjoy before death.

Other uses include allowing you to deal with creeps from a safer distance, agitate foes from around corners, and break turrets without having to first kiss them. It’s something tasty to fall back on when your cooldowns are showing, or there’s no ideal opening for a clothesline into En Fuego.


Any opinions on Welterweight and stacking movement/attack speed? I actually really, really love this combo, myself. You move so far while sprinting and attacking, and I’m almost certain your sprint is about the same as clothesline if you stack all sprint and movement speed. Yeah, you’re still squishy, but your speed is your greatest asset. Add momentum, and your at sonic speed lol

That combo is especially fun with Go-Go Juice. Not really ideal when playing good people but super fun for pubs.


How do I get this magnificent piece of gear? Just spam legendary loot packs?

Got from lvl loot pack myself

Yes he does. Its the clothesline, fuego, slam combo he describes with an entire paragraph…

Sorry… I’m scared of huge paragraphs…
But isn’t “clothesline” dealing amazing damage when in fuego ?
Wouldn’t it be better to keep it for after you’ve used in fuego ?

Fair enough that you don’t like to read big paragraphs, but I’d suggest not criticizing someone for omitting something if you didn’t take the time to completely read what they wrote.

As to the combo, with slow at level 1 and pop up at level 4, Clothesline is such an amazing initiator (I’m starting to think its the best in the game) that it is better used to get on top of the enemy before you pop fuego and then slam/stun the enemy.

Honestly, just read this guide and do what it says. Its extremely effective.

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