So you want to be an Intergalactic Champion huh? (Guide)

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…Curious, I’m leveling Dragon right now and tried this once so far, am I missing anything by not using it?

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I always liked the helix tier (balanced actually good choices) and while it is hard to pull off, it pushes people back in a lock and can help you escape (and save people on low health) body blocking easy without clothesline

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Basically what Cade said. I use it as escape when I’m slowed but in PVE it’s probably better to take the damage amp unless you like pushing the larger thralls off the map.



Thank you!

wishes I could applaud with GIANT ROBOT ARMS

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At the risk of a necro, can anyone comment on reasonable gear options for:

  • PvE story
  • PvP

So far I’ve basically only tried this guy twice, and the experience was… interesting. The guide above is very helpful, but I could really use some gear suggestions.

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PVE, you could run symbiotic gauntlet, vampiric vestement, and i usually run oath of the sustained for the third since regen helps.
i run this on literally every character in pve, even skill casters, because stacking max health helps against 1hkos, and most enemies die just fine from basic attacks, so attack damage is king, even on orendi. there arent enough high health enemies in pve to warrant builds specific to each character, imo.
for el dragon, this build actually plays off of two of his strengths - melee/attack damage and the max health capitalizes on the dr of his stacks and heavyweight.

for pvp ill let others answer.

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My concern about that is the time it takes to get all that gear up, especially on some maps. If you’re playing solo, that leaves you really vulnerable until you can hit your ult. How do you play up until you have at least one item activated?

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@lucasatlive you’re being paged

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Very, very, conservatively. i activate the vv first, then the oath, then the sym. max health first.

in pve it comes down to knowledge of the map, ai, and how they interact. You need to bait out the ones you want and prevent yourself from getting swarmed. Most of the ai have limits to where they will travel/attack, so you can use that to your advantage.
Is there a specific map youre having trouble with? All of the story missions can support triple legendaries, its the ops (specifically mikes) where youll need cheaper total loadouts.

edit: hoho cant respond right now, so he links this for the time being:

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That’s great! I’ll do some fiddling around and see where I can get to.

I haven’t tried any of them yet, just dojo/incursion tutorial and one round of Bots Battle, but looking at the lore challenges I was not relishing Algorithm!

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Theres lots of minions at the start of algorithm, and since the SU, you get some dr from your stacks by default, so you should have a much easier time of it than those preceding you. Furthermore, since i think the WU, isics floating head will slowly self dmg otself down to 1hp- so even if you dont get fireballs, you can just wait it out till hes one clap from death. :slight_smile: if you get a really bad roll on enemies, you can always restart and hope for rng to give you some of the easier bad guy groups. solo on normal shouldnt be too bad though.

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I managed it with Rath once I figured out the right gear; managed to finish ISIC with Catalytic Smash while still in the air, which felt really good. Rath made the early stages a bit of a cakewalk, though, so I think I might have been a little spoiled…

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OK, ran Algorithm last night, taking into account all the suggestions provided:

I think that’s one of my best solo scores on this map. Having the reduced skill cooldown time in story mode certainly helps, although it always makes going back into versus a little bit of an adjustment!

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Yeah, the reduced cds make everything solo a lot easier now. I enjoy it in spurts, i wish we had the option to turn it on/off :stuck_out_tongue:

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My PvP setup:

Attack Damage with Max Health - Eldrid Epic

Blissbeast Skull Plate: Damage Reduction, Health Regen, more Health Regen after taking 15% of your Max Health in damage - Found in Void’s Edge (Do Advanced just to be safe)

Health Regen with Damage Reduction - UPR Epic
Health Regen with Attack Damage - Jennerit Epic

This is expensive, but dagum diddly dum if it isn’t effective. And it’s not difficult to get shards anyways… Take damage reduction at level 5. Absorb boolets, punch faces.

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I’ve had a few drop in normal, so it’s good. I’ll look around and see what else I’ve got that might work. So far I’ve tended to go with a mixture of common, uncommon, and rare or flawed epic, just so I have something early but also have something decent for late game.