want to farm a cobra

Here’s my experience so far after (seriously) countless hours in the beatdown…be prepared to pretty much be under constant DOT, badasses, super badasses snd ultimate badasses that drop literally nothing. Little bastard zig zagging midgets that kill your shield in one shot, enforcers that eat bullets like tic tacs…ah and the bikes that move like no bike ever has…but wait…what’s that blue beam that just dropped? Let me kill these guys and saunter over here and get my co…class mod for a psycho?? But…I’m a commando…sigh…save and quit…begin. Is it worth it? Eh. Is it any better than the nighthawk I use to clear the beatdown? Probably not. But…oh my…when you do see it finally drop, which for me was just this morning, pretty awesome. Would I do it again? I would rather have my taint tattooed…but I did do a couple more runs after, just in case. Anyway…I think I’m going to give BL2 a rest for awhile…hold on…is that a tubby?!? Gotta go…


wouldn’t say they drop literally nothing, although they are almost as stingy as Bunker can be. of course I watch for Gold, not Blue. Doing the BarRoom Brawl (PowerLeveling) can net me in 2 Hours time 2 to 4 Gold and Blues and Greens covering the floor. of course it may be more productive (Tubby wise, which not sure they actually spawn in the bar) by running into the bar killing everything that’s there and spawns without activating the Brawl, then coming back after a few minutes when they’ve re-spawned and repeat

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I love my golds too, but in this case I was looking for a cobra. Blue unique…actually classified as purple. Very confusing. There are 3 good chests in around the beatdown where I was able to pick up quite a few legendary nade mods and class mods.

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bunker 1st time run ever through bunker with 1st character axton I already got bitch in NVHM so that means bunker is not stingy I always get either etech or legendary from him or the chest on top of waterfall. Note: to make this happen pick up everything under his turret then he will drop a few more loot. now you have reason to pick up all those usles loot under his turret even if white

The bunker is stingy. Your 1st try bitch is just luck. The loot that comes out of his turret is just random stuff any legendarys obtained from it are world drops.

What’s worse than rubbish drop rates is when you get something to drop, especially something you’ve ploughed hours into, it’s 2 levels under your actual level. Never understood why they implemented such a thing when drop rates are what they are.

Because for various reasons loot is not instanced for each player, and in co-op play there can be a spread of levels between players. Also, since the more badass enemies can be up to 2 levels higher than you, it means that at least some items will always be at level for solo players.

Guns really should drop at the enemies levels. It’s how it works in almost every other game. I mean, it’s really not too far fetched to expect at least a level 66 hornet if you kill a level 66 Knuckle dragger.

Maybe that’s not the best boss-esque character to give out as an example, but if someone puts the grind in for say, Flint (who is a right royal pain to farm due to the distance involved), the reward should match the effort.

just means you’ve had Good RNG, when I say stingy, I use as example the times I powerleveled people on the xb360 (at OP0) using Bunker (they didn’t have DLC and I was Farming Him), I would do 50 times per session, 3 sessions, not one drop, 1 session got 1 sham, 1 in 200 for me that’s stingy (Bad RNG). Though I only count Legendry’s not etech or other unique drops

I will have to try this method out, maybe that will change my opinion