So you're never nerfing Kleese?

(Keadron) #41
  1. Kleese isn’t the only character that has the option to sacrifice their shield for damage.
  2. If his rifts are behind a wall with the entire team in front of it why are you worried about the rift to begin with? The area of the rifts isn’t large enough to be helping the team in the scenario you describe… so kill them normally?
    3.yes he can leave his network to come taser you however his is a huge target. This is easy to spot and your team should be punishing him for it

(Natsume Ryu) #42

Didnt finish reading the posts because there seems to be some going in circles.

The reason kleese can be so good at face off is because the opposing team doesnt do anything to stymie him. Send assassins at him early game. Send a skirmisher. ANYTHING to keep him from leveling via varelsi. his default taser isnt terrible, especially against someone cjrcle strafing him.
if youre being tased you need to get closer and break line of sight outside of his fov, just like ambra. dont try to run until after youve good and confused him.

Kleese is a late game beast. he starts out meh in damage output, and if he wants the ‘mortars drain shields’ buff at level two, that means he pretty much cant use his mortars until level 4, otherwise hes just setting himself up on a silver platter for you in battle.
even once he hits level 4, if youre killling his rifts actively he wont be able to make use of it until he can set something up.

before the buff i played kleese a lot. people countered me a lot more then. they would never let me set up my rifts. theyd always kill them. nowadays no one counters me, lol.

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Lovely as is.