Social Area? YAY or NAY?

Way to late of an idea for this game, but what would people of thought of a social area to make teams? for either PvE or PvP.

Just a simple area to walk around as your favorite character and wearing your favorite skin.

Just curious what people think :slight_smile:


i like the kind of hub worlds soo im down


I can dig it

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[quote=“Jax_Rift, post:1, topic:1202898”]
a social area to make teams
[/quote]The LLC Docing station. Enter those carrier spaceships to travel towards a planet / mission


Destiny type? With only 25 toons the amount of variation would be a tad lacking for the forseeable future, if the zones were uncapped.

I dont think it would fit in this game, because the charachters are not “personal”, meaning influenced in design by the player. Typically games with a social hub, the division and destiny, have some element of a showroom. Where people showoff their loot, and personal progress. Hard to imagine that here, where gains (aside from gears) reset.

Probably going to see something closer to LoL or HoTS where there is a loading menu that shows core stats, friends, gear loadouts, etc.

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yo, it’s me, lordofon, I think we should stick with team recruiting/finding on da forums dood
so i’m gonna say NAY doodski B>

You mean like a waiting room before a match? I can get behind that.

Or do you mean a general hub world in which case not so much. +100 Raths running around just feels odd.

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@Mike_tha_supa_man oooooo didnt think of the hub worlds! one for each faction would be cool indeed!

@MentalMars man that would be awesome, didnt think of ships before a mission but i would like that!

@twintails0 tbf all fair points, i was just thinking mainly for team ups and possibly where you have to go to unlock your gear packs like destiny.

@Great_Gumby i was thinking a general hub XD but tbf i prefer your idea of before a match/waiting room!! also you say 100+ Raths but we still dont know what skins are going to be like? :wink:

That doesn’t sound like a bad idea honestly. After a few characters released and some skins implemented there would be some variablility. I’d be behind that.

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Same here. I think it’s a good idea for those looking for people to play with and either don’t know about or don’t want to use the player matching forums here.

Yeah i know alot of my friends dont bother with forums sadly purely out of laziness, but if the game had something directly available to meet people, it shortens the amount of steps to form a team of Badasses!!

The communities on psn are quick and seem to be successful during the ctt. I don’t think there was a time where I wasn’t in a group with someone in the community.

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Ah ive completely forgotten about communities XD if im honest i havent even paid them much attention or given them a go XD

i will have to take a look.

I’m in one for the CTT that has 1k+ in it that I would recommend.

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Yo, so i went home and tried to join the Community… is there a search feature i just couldn’t find?

Go to friends > my communities > search for communities