Social Isolation

This would be a great time for any kind of content …

March 26th is a long way off…

Even a small event like the Valentines Day event would be a welcome addition to an already great means of distraction from all that’s going on right now.

So GB if you got anything just sitting there waiting for a rainey day …

Oh and only if you can work from home… offices have more germs than a daycare … well probably not … but still…

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Just have them run the red chest event until this all blows over


I don’t want dlc early, I want it right. Would be cool if they just opened heck as a map though (without needing to farm ghosts first)


Well regardless whether it’s early or late or on-time, we already know some of the DLC2 stuff would suck. Just check the Moze forum for an idea.

We know one piece of gear and the first few minutes of the DLC, that’s it. It’s possible that all new Class Mods are a waste of data, but I don’t think so. And besides an early impression of the story and the overall premise we don’t know much about the DLC’s story either.

4 days is not a long time. Be patient. It’ll be worth the wait!

To be fair the OP posted this 4 days ago. So that’s technically 8 days.