Solar Burst and Sunspotter?

Hi, I was replying to another topic and I was uncertain about how some of the skills interact together.

How does Sunspotter work when you pick Solar Burst as a helix option? Does the target suffer the 16% extra damage debuff or does the Sunspot explode before it is applied? I am aware that Solar Burst is one of the most overlooked helix options available to Ambra but I was just wondering quite how bad it is. If it can’t even apply the Sunspotter debuff then it’s even more horrible than I thought.

The SS still auto locks and attacks/heals things in range. So yes, the debuff would be applied, that’s why Solar Burst says damage based on the remaining health of the SS. Still a piss poor choice.

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Sunspotter doesn’t apply on the sun that has appply the debuff (same for Deande’s “The Culling” Helix with the AOE Burst Dash), but for the next one yes

You makea no sense.

It seemed a bit awkward because I assumed anyone that wanted to use that skill would try to use it on top of another player rather than waiting for them to run into it. I didn’t know if the Sunspot could get the damage amp debuff before it exploded.

So according to tbawin the Sunspot cannot benefit from it’s own debuff?

I wouldn’t advise using the Solar Burst skill currently as DonnyD_ stated but it was relevant to the discussion on how to improve the Solar Burst and Soothing Sunlight helix options.

I like the idea of Solar Burst but having an opposing tank be able to stop you healing by sitting down on top of your Sunspot is ridiculous.

Not to mention the damage output sucks compared to what the SS could do if it just attacked on its own.