Solar Sustainer FYI

So I’m going to boost this here in a new thread to try and get some attention on it:

And as an update: We have confirmed this with Miko as well. The damage buff only applies to the Miko and only when he heals actual health damage. Haven’t tested Kid Ultra yet, but if enough people want to know I will. Odds aren’t good though guys considering the gear doesn’t work on anyone else.

For those who don’t want to click the link: Solar Sustainer is broken, as in it doesn’t work/do what it says it does. Using it does not buff your allies attack damage for any healer.

Edit: Also going to add some of this @Jythri and a bit of this @JoeKGBX to see what we can stir up on their end, maybe a pinch of @gRANT_ will spice things up.


Huh? It says it boosts damage if you’re “healing” an ally. How could you be healing that which is not hurt? Makes sense to me.

Read the link, it goes into a lot more detail. Healing is simply an effect that is applied, a HoT exists even if you do not need it to. And the effect doesn’t work the same with every character, Alani being the special snowflake here with her heals not needing to be healing damage for it to ‘proc’ as much as it does. Even then: my main point still stands that the piece is still broken and under no circumstances gives the boost to your allies.

God damnnit this is still not working?

Guess I’ll take it off my KU build then SMH.

Maybe I’ll use his lore leg lol.

Sorry, I misunderstood. I didn’t realize it didn’t boost their damage no matter what, I just thought you had to be healing depleted health for it to apply. Time to take it off KU, thanks for investigating java.

man the only good thing I got from the last lootpocalypse is broken :frowning:

You are right. Tal_Raja submitted a bug report about it. I know I helped her test once with oscar mike and I wasn’t getting a damage boost

Maybe try submitting another, the more the merrier

Yeah, hopping in game today to test it more robustly. Will update you guys here after I find me a suitable companion to bore for hours.

I was wondering if Solar Sustainer worked with Kid Ultra’s support Drones, because I’ve had it heal teammates who have lost health but noticed no increase to my damage. It’s not them getting the damage buff as much as I want it for better healing. But if it doesn’t work even with other characters that well, then maybe I should stop using it.

Okay, so I am going to have to type a whole lot up, but in summation: It is hella broken, and Kid Ultra actually beats out Ambra now on who it is the most useless on.

Guys, Raja has too much free time. But as you can tell, my poor ally got no benefit at all.

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This is a mega necrobump but just wanted to add that this should work on Toby, making it possible to achieve a total of +34.58 attack damage natively with gear alone, which is pretty insane on his charged shots. Imo it ironically makes him the character best suited to use it.


Bahahahaha! We didn’t even think to test it on him, but it should work so long as healing done by his shield shows up in the healing done on the recap screen.


Yeah seems to be working. Is pretty devastating.

Well… Toby is the new healer meta

@Jythri bug Fix plz

I wouldn’t say it’s a bug by any means. His shield is a healing source, just no one uses it as such. It’s certainly not broken, just noticeable.

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Well before oath of sustain nerf i used to run (heliophage) oath of sustain, leechsteel brooch and solar sustainer.

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Oh lord could you imagine if the gear was working and it buffed his allies too! Toby best support ^.^


Could you test if it works with oath of sustain? That minoría healing probably triger the solar sustainer

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Hmm, yeah I think I can. Give me a day to figure out how I want to test it and then find someone to sucker into wasting time with me. I know the Oath shows up on the recap healing done, so in theory it would trigger the Sustainer. Would be one heck of a synergy for a damage dealer. Run those two and a symbiotic when you know you will have a silly amount of shards and just chuckle with glee as things die.