Solar wind lore challenge

What is the easiest way to rack up the kills for the lore? Last one for me till my legendary. Grrr. Im only at just over 200. Crap is taking forever lol.

I came upon this little shortcut while trying to get her Lore…

Go into Story Mode, The Algorithm, after defeating Aracnus you will be in a cavern where you will encounter frozen enemies and some crystals… break 2/3 crystals and defeat a large minion and then two frozen Swarmers will spawn that will breed small little swarmers… Kill one the frozen swarmers so you are only left with one swarmer to concentrate on… let her breed 5-10 little swarmers as you run around the cavern and then kill them all with Solar Wind (without hitting the mother)… the mother will again respawn her small children and you rinse and repeat… took me 15-20 minutes to reach 500 enemy kills. :smiley:


Wow. Ill try that. Thanks alot.

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I came across the same one lol

Any luck?

I didn’t farm it too much. Solo campaign has enemies weak enough I just did that while trying to complete them.

Well I did what you said and now Im complete. Thanks for helping me get my legenday hehe.

No problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I need help here. This was the last challenge I needed to complete her lore. I finished it but my lore still says 4 out of 5 and It won’t let me get her legendary gear

There is an even better trick for an infinite swarmer spawn in Void’s Edge. Check lftsrafebattleborn [sp] youtube channel for it, but basically, when you have to defend the spider as he opens the door, find one of the chests that has a speed boost in it near the door but don’t pick it up yet. Wait til that section is cleared and the door opens, grab the speed boost, run thru the door slightly to the left to a platform and jump the gap, run thru the arch, out to the right, along the side of the wall as long as you can then jump down to the terrain where the thralls spawn for the checkpoint. You have to beat the spider sentry there. Clear the thralls then walk back towards where the spider sentry landed from his jump and the swarmers spawn in from. They will not infinitely spawn. Solar Wind til your hearts content and clear the lore challenge. Do it now before they patch it out. GL.