Solar Wind/Ritual of Repulsion questions (New Ambra)

I’m editing this for what I found in game

  1. With the new buff to solar wind (43% more base damage) is what is listed on the official website accurate? 84 DPS or 252 total damage to a single target?

A) I didn’t look at total damage but RoR is my default after this weekend. It deals enough damage with just one slam and the DoT from right helix level 1 that the second slam is just gravy. I don’t have to chase or aim or turn to get full damage.

  1. If you take the mutation Ritual of Repulsion (slams), do you get the full damage out of “solar wind” i.e. if you hit with both strikes do you deal 252 total damage?

A) I’m pretty sure this is the case, and if not, it is damn close.

  1. Does level Illumination (Reveal + 121 damage over 3 sec) add a DoT component to Ritual of Repulsion (slams)?

A) Yes, yes it does. I loved being on Pendles duty.

  1. Does Howling WInd (Increase solar wind radius +40%) affect Ritual of Repulsion (slam)? Adding 40% to this seems really useful.

A) It absolutely does. It makes a huge difference.

I’m trying to decide whether or not it is wise to build around the mutation or just keep Solar Wind the way it normally is…

Thanks for any help.

My Helix is as follows for PvP:

1R: Add reveal and 133 dmg DoT to Solar Wind/ROR
2L: 30% increased healing to sunspots
3M: Heal your sunspots
4M: RoR
5L: 30% speed to fire shield
6M: Hadouken/fireballs
7R: 50% sunspot health
9L: 40% radius to Solar Wind/RoR
10L: 2 second stun to Extinction event

1: I had been taking the L originally for the 16% extra damage for 4 seconds but then I realized you need to do 1000 damage to surpass what I am getting with the R on a single target. This might be useful on the sentry in Incursion but for minion waves if I just spray them with SW/RoR everything hit is going to to take a 133 DoT minimum. Add on to that reveal for Pendles nonsense and it seems like a no-brainer to me.

2: I like to heal.

3: I’ve never tried L but I heard it can mess up and heal enemies and it makes targeting enemies/team mates equally as clumsy in a crowd. R is meh… It’s not added damage, it’s just a few extra healing to you. With the middle option I can set up a healing station that can support one or two people right in the middle of the playing field in Incursion. One game last night I healed over 95K by setting up spots and keeping our pushes supplied and augmented. If you are fueling just one spot to heal a single person you can actually drop two and keep them both up in case more people come along and need heals.

You can also drop a spot when you are low health and heal to full off that spot by fueling it.

4: Makes life so much easier by dealing burst damage without aiming, pushes enemies away and still gets the damage and you are guaranteed to reveal Pendles if he is in the radius and you took 1R.

5: Self explanatory, if your flame shield is coming out, you don’t want to be near enemies when it expires…

6: I prefer the 50% radius for heals/damage and revealing Pendles.

7: If you like to get up close and personal I’d say take L, I personally love M because I use her legendary. I will actually skip over this upgrade unless I have activated her legendary already because I love busting up minion parties with her normal secondary. I will never take R because I use her legendary. It adds a spin up time if you have heat, and you always have heat with her legendary. Basically you will spin up even if you aren’t doing much, if any bonus damage.

8: 50% health to sustain pushes/deal more damage. Cooldown doesn’t seem to be a problem with the ability to heal spots.

9: Get both hits of slam if they are close to you, get people from much further away regardless. Utility wins out over damage for me.

10: stun, pvp.

Gear: Ambra Legendary, Epic Heal gear with secondary healing received, 0 cost wrench

Idk about any of that, but I’d assume yes for most of it. And the official site should generally be ignored.

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You can test a lot of this yourself in a 1v1 bot match.

From my own experience with Ambra…

I don’t know the exact damage numbers, but the slams give full damage. Illumination works with slams. the radius affects the slams.

Again, the best testing is something you can do! (except the stealth one)

Don’t know, but tried the slam once and never used it again. Just feels terrible to me. If you like it, rock on.

Does anyone know how much damage it did before the buff?

I am also curious if this stacks with the initial damage! So if I went with this helix would do 373 total?


RoR applies the DoT, reveals all enemies hit, and has a massive knockback effect. I don’t look at the damage numbers, but I know I’ve killed quite a few players with that mutation.

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I always go with RoR due to the easier damage and the ability to put enemies in a bad spot.

I personally think RoR does more but if not it deals the whole damage in two bursts. The burn I applied aswell and really works well.

I tend to find that staff slam doesn’t seem to generate heat as well as the default solar wind. Does anyone else find this or do I just need to land hits on more targets for those two slams?

I usually don’t focus on heat too much with her legendary but I think the sustained scorch will give more heat.

It depends, if there’s 3 or more targets hit by it, then it will pretty much go back up to fill heat instantly, for me at least.

  1. From what I recall the initial damage listed in the command menu prior to the buff was 53 damage per second so perhaps it is a little over estimated but that is purely based on my memory.

  2. It certainly seems that way.

  3. yes all augments that apply to solar wind apply to RoR

In terms of heat generation RoR has always been far more effective from my experience granting me a full bar provided I connect with both hits.

Other folks in the thread have hinted at this, but I’ll state it right out:

It does, and it is an amazing augmentation to RoR. Without the 40% radius increase it can be hard to hit enemies with both staff slams, because in an open area the first will often knock them out of the blast range of the second (you can move between slams, so can chase a target, but it’s not ideal). With the 40% augment you’ll almost always hit with both slams, doing the full damage and knocking the baddies way the heck away.

This mixes very well with Ambra’s “Get the HELL away from me!” line.

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I should probably try it again. The base ability is my least favorite thing about Ambra anyway.

Even with Pendles around, though, I prefer sunspotter to illumination, but I could see illumination being useful w the mutation, esp w the area increase, which I take anyway.

Edit: after trying this in PvP, I agree it’s pretty darned useful.

I don’t even play Ambra but I just wanted to come in here and mention that as someone who plays a lot of melee characters, RoR is probably the most obnoxious thing about new Ambra.

Takes her survivability back up to beta levels, just in a completely different way. Melee can’t touch her, ranged can’t do enough damage to her before Fire Shield lets her escape. You need a hard CC on her at just the right moment or she’s gone.

Except it’s not new. I think more people might be considering it as an option because of the increase in base damage and the addition of Pendles to the game. Those two things make Illumination more attractive at level 1. Combined, those things make RoR more attractive, but afaik the ability is unchanged.

You are right, though, that she is still very susceptible to CC. I got wrecked multiple times by El Dragon a while ago. Ultimate -> Clothesline -> Dragon Splash (stun because of ultimate) -> Dead.