Sold my Tactical Accelerator Legendary >.<

I feel like such an idiot to sell my Oscar Mike’s Specific Legendary Gear you get once you complete all his lore. I only did so because I needed the credits and I thought there were better options out there. What are your opinions on this?


But if you are like me and it takes sooooo long to gather enough shards to even engage all your gear…

Gear with a charge of 1800 will probably not come into play until the final portions of any fight.

So I am left thinking I’d rather have “some” gear for most of the fight versus high end gear for very little of the fight.

But I get it that at the end is when you will engage the big boss…or the grand finale so it is then when you might really need that advanced gear.

Thing is, I have a Vyn’s Quiver, and I think that works better for Oscar Mike than his Legendary. It gives me 21% better reload speed and 5% more damage, which IMO is better than 8% more reload speed and 5% less cooldown times.

Makes sense to me and 5% cooldown or even 10% is ridiculously little for a long cooldown like OM’s

I think I’d go with damage every time.

I really wish there is some sort of way to buy back gear if you accidentally sold it. I feel rather sad that this specific Legendary can only be acquired one time in the whole game.

I think they are working on some kind of trade system.

But yes…I agree…

Tactical accelerator also gives OM a 15% move speed bonus while stealth is on cool down, just sayin. I have Vyn’sQuiver and Tac accelerator I use both in a Loadout, I’m a shard fiend tho

I’m a shard fiend too, but I also have a common shard gear that gets me 2 shards per second and costs zero shards.

The drawback? reduces healing power. But OM has no healing power, so there really is no drawback.


Constant shard generation even while pushing or holding your ground in the lane.

Have to go out of your way to find shards less.

Teammates who don’t have a shard generator or need shards to activate it can get more shards for themselves instead of me hogging up shard spawns. - which means they can contribute more when buying and upgrading turrets and minions.

Am I seriously the only player in Battleborn to sell a Character Legendary? O.o

Nooo I saw another topic about a week ago^^ And I nearly sold my Orendi legendary, I thought I´d get a heartattack that moment xD

Even if they aren’t that great, it’s the collector in me to hold onto 'em.

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I use a green shard generator with -cd, vyns quiver and his legendary. By the time I am able to get all his gear my OM is a cool down, reloading machine.i might get rid of his legendary cuz I have another one(can’t think of the name) that is -17 recoil, 9% crit damage and 7% that every shot could be a crit. And it’s so easy getting crits with OM.