Solid PvE gear but no pvp set help?

so im a pretty new player only had the game since june 24th

I tried Ambra before the buff and never got the connection but since the buff i love her, i have had a few games pve and pvp under my belt, she’s character level 6 this is my gear set for PvE

Mossire’s Mukluks, Symbiotic Spores and a watch (611s) with cooldown and healpower for 5 seconds after taking heath damage with -recoil

Its a great kit and i spec full healing over dps and constantly have highest kills(?), heals, damage dealt, least deaths and shard collected even on 4-5 person teams as I dance madly on the lip of the volcano… and it’s great!!!.. except2 legendary heal power + another 600 is 4200 shards before buildables and in PvP that would make you the most hateful selfish jerk on earth and completely unhelpful to my team while I went off shard hunting. I like the healing / damage duality but against competent opponents its not feasible what can I do/ what gear should I use in your opinions

I use all unflawed commons (I don’t have any with good flaws) because as a healer I’m barely off of the field as supply stations are useless. So I take skill damage, healing recieved, and heal power. With the 30 % healing buff, that’s 1.7 times healing to myself. So I buy a turret, drop my spots, and 1 v 1 assassins while wave clearing.

I’m a super aggressive player and I just barely started playing her when she was at her weakest but I still like to play her.

For my setup, or any setup, her legendary is a MUST wether or not you pick the fireball mutation or not her new passive will benefit greatly off of the regenerating heat. I also run symbiotic spores because it makes healing yourself and teammates that much easier. And then grab a share generator of your choice. A lot of people like to run a 0 cost generator which is good but I typically rock a blue. My secondary effect is shards on collecting a pickup which if you didn’t already know are already all over the map and drop from minions killed.

IMO the best battleborn builds in general are double legendaries with a shard generator. You just need to find two legendaries that help your style.

EDIT: Id also recommend searching the forums for Ambra threads as she is a very unique character and has a lot of discussion regarding play styles.

I Ri like what you are saying unfortunitly i dont’t have her legendary, I really like playing all the characters so i only have her to level 6 so far.

i hope i can get her lore done soonish im 23% done her lore

I think they patched the Infinte swarmed glitch but you can still farm the swarmed in the algorithm after the fight with Geoff. Farming is best for the kills with solar wind but everything else should be done with little effort in PvP

try the pacifier, it means you can use your sunspot for debuffs galore(works on minions as well) so your team seems to have a lot more push

Easy. Ambra’s legendary gear item you get after completing all of her lore challenges. A.K.A. the Shard of Jennar, Solar Sustainer, and something that increases “Healing Recieved.”

Ambra’s “Shard of Jennar” gives the following buffs: 7.80% Skill Damage, 6.00% Heal Power, and it’s special bonus that only works for Ambra: The Staff of Radiance generates it’s own heat.

Since my Solar Sustainer doesn’t have perfect stats, i use an epic item called “Mending Remedy Box” for a Heal Power bonus of 14.00% and also gives 9.80% Healing Recieved.
My other item is another epic called “Fortifying Symbiosis Rune” which give 14.00% Healing Recieved and 210 Maximum Health.

Isn’t there a green with a heal power of 14% and healing received 9.8%?

There probably is, but Uncommon and Rare gear would have a stimpulation for the secondary effect and might only last temporarily. Epic tier gear items dont have stimpulations. You get both the effects right out of the gate.

that’s right, sorry, the green I use with my Miko PvP kit is healing received on taking health damage, but that almost always kicks in because when else do you use Biosynth? thanks for the correction