Solo and coop Maya build

I want one bulid that is good for solo and coop this is what I got right now how can I improve it?

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More :

  • Inertia , Ward , Sweet Release , Immolate

Less :

  • Blight Phoenix , Sustenance , Flicker

Exactly how depends on your primary COM.

If you’re using SS that should mean the Legendary Binder. If so, give this a read


Thanks. What gear would you suggest?

Sorry for the lazy, but this is a great resource.

Slif also put recommendations in the above build.

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are you actually at Level 80 (or the OP levels) or are you elsewhere…I ask because we get lots of theoretical questions from people with characters at low levels about max level builds…Much of the time, playing through the game at lower levels gives you the knowledge to make better max level builds and also, the ideas behind a max level build often aren’t relevant at lower levels…

I am op1

Ok, so you do have the full points to work with then…There’s a lot on these topics and if you click on my or Jefe’s username, you’ll see other threads where we and other knowledgeable Maya players have given insight on these matters…

With any character, the question is “how do you kill stuff while staying alive” and additionally you’d like “how can I help the team too”…

Before we go further, there’s two solid high damage options that I recommend until you are more knowledgeable in the character…One will be based around the Leg Siren and a L72 build is here I’m hesistant to give my L80 suggestion as I imagine they’ll be a ton of nitpicking on it and that isn’t the point of my post, but here it is anyway…Hopefully some of my discussion points will let you fill in the blanks on your own… (edit: here’s the updated L80 build from the master @Derch himself, thanks @nat_zero_six for posting that in another thread)

The idea behind this build is that you will be Phaselocking constantly and you have good control on that so you can aim for crits and you can switch from target to target at your leisure…

The other will be based around the Leg Binder and a great example is what @jefe posted above

The idea behind this build is that you will be using Subsequence as a wrecking ball (which was my old idea for the name for this build, The Wrecking Ball, mine is a tiny variation of what @slif_one runs, the core is identical)…to fly around creating havoc with Converge, Ruin, and Chain Reaction while you shoot the bubbled target, reloading with the help of Inertia between targets…

Both builds are fantastic in terms of damage output for mobbing or the Peak. For raids, there’s usually not much point to subsequence…

So therefore, which playstyle do you prefer is your first question to making your build… In terms of Co-Op you can make an argument for either…The primary way you will help your team is not through healing, it will be through killing things quickly, making targets available and slagged through Phaselock and Res’ing people. You will also provide healing mainly through Sweet Release, but occasionally Restoration (this skill doesn’t matter much). On the surface, the Leg Binder is the better choice as it provides team cooldown reduction and boosted Sweet Release, but if your playstyle suits the Leg Siren build better, then you’ll better help your team by wrecking sh#t and not dying…

A brief bit on skills, as @Jefe pointed out, Flicker, Blight Phoenix, and Sustenance aren’t very good.

Accelerate is one skill where it’s personal preference. The gun damage increase is minimal so it’s really do you like the projectile speed boost on the gear you use. I use the Bekah and pimpernel a lot and don’t like that projectile speed increase on them, however @slif_one does like the projectile speed increase on the Pimpernel…So that skill is personal preference and if you like it, I can show you where you can shift points to it depending on which of the two main build you like…

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For me, the only thing I really need to do for coop is put a point into Res, and a point into Restoration. That’s the basics of a coop friendly build. You can go more in-depth, and plenty of the people here will have great advice for that, but if you’re just looking for a primarily solo build that can also coop without having to respec, Res and a point in Restoration will cover you pretty well.