Solo Class for Op8?

Which are the strongest classes that can solo op8 and raid bosses?

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One thing is being the strongest and the other one being broken.
Strong, could be Tediore Axton.
Broken, Salvador with a pimpernel sniper and an ahab rocket launcher

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For soloing to OP8 and going after raid bosses, I’d say:

  1. Sal
  2. Axton

Axton is basically awesome everywhere except against Terra, and you can use him a variety of ways to get all of those things done. I run Double Up + Gemini, mostly, but I’ve even proofed Double Up + Nuke in OP8 Peak runs, and have gun-killed (as opposed to chucking) Hyperius without using turrets at all. I’m not bragging about that. I’m not a special player. I point that out to say that if a guy like me can do those things, other people can probably somehow use Axton to win at Super Mario Kart or hit the Powerball.

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Axton, Sal, or Krieg.

Axton and Krieg are fairly gear and skill dependent to cheese raid bosses, but both can potentially kill some them faster than Sal. They also have a bit more variety in builds.

Sal however can have the easiest time cheesing raid bosses with 2 quest rewards (pimp and the creamer) and grab other guns for mobbing.

It just depends on how quickly you want to reach cheese levels of destruction and whether you want skill to be an active component. If you just want to farm raids ASAP, go with Sal and get those guns to farm raids in no time.


The following is my opinion. Doesn’t make it wrong or right:

Best for General OP8 Gameplay, Non Raid…Maya
Best overall solid for most everything…Axton
Best Raider (with an experienced player)…Zero
Best Raider for casual players…Sal
Best for Digistruct Peak…Maya with Axton 2nd
Krieg and Gaige are VERY powerful (I daresay OP) with an experienced player who understands Gaige’s stacking and Krieg’s weird rules
Hardest to play…Zero
Easiest to play…Sal or Axton

Axton is a “decent” raider…but has an awful time with Gee and Vorac…virtually impossible for all but the most dedicated and experienced players.

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I dunno, I play em all generally op8, and break down ‘best’ by build for task at hand and desired play type. At this late stage, three of each with different setups. Gaige is the exception because anarchy seems the only decent build for her.

BL/BXR Krieg and melee Zer0 have similar process, with a setup and slaughter mechanic.

Best of course is lobbing fast balls. : D

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As I play borderlands Axton op2 is my highest level. I also play Zero, Sal & Maya to change things up a bit. I’m starting to find Sal is a bit beast like even at level 49 and I’m not even using all the good gear yet. Zero would seem to be harder for me. Maya is only 19 so I don’t have enough info on her. Right now I would have to say you can’t go wrong with Sal or Axton. Good luck and let us know who you decided to go with.

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Sorry, I’m a bit biased here. But seriously, he’s a monster for raids. Maya though for general mobbing.

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I think Maya can be pretty good solo actually, particularly if you fine tune phaselock appropriately. Phaselocking at higher levels does enough damage that with the grog nozzle in your hand you instantly get full health regen

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