Solo Difficulty levels

I’m starting to get frustrated with this game already. I’m a level 48 Zane character and I usually play solo. I’m only on Mayhem 1 and I’m starting to have trouble clearing mobs of enemies, especially when there is an Anointed enemy in the group. Those dudes are so annoying since they are immune to any type of damage. The problem is if I turn off Mayhem mode it’s too easy but even Mayhem 1 is getting too difficult. And trying to do Circle of Slaughter or Proving Grounds solo is also not very fun. Ranking up during the campaign was fun but now the end game is making me want to find a new game to play.

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Sounds like you are doing M1 on Normal? 48 is good and almost to 50! My recommendation would be to run a few easy bosses on M1 such as Gigamind. You can access him without fighting any trash mobs on the way (have a shock for shield, fire/cryo for his red bar), or just kill some mobs until you hit 50, then run again through TVHM without mayhem. Should spark some fun again without enemies being too OP.

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Who are you playing as?

There are ways to help mitigate a lot of the challenges based on character

Opps, I see Zane, I would post this in the zane group and get advice, I don’t have a level 50 zane yet so I don’t feel I would be qualified to help with him

I would try to farm some gear, maybe chupacabratch, traunt or whichever you find enjoyable.
Next step would be thinking again about your build choices and possible synergies.
I think Zane relies heavily on “strong” builds. You could check youtube for some ideas.

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Zane was my first character build and you must honestly have the proper build and tools for the job with him. He is the absolute one character you MUST use his skills to your advantage or you will not do anything to the enemy. You need to have the proper shield with the proper perks, proper artifact with proper perks, proper class mod with propper perks all to your build of Zane.

Trust me I know what I am talking about.
Once I set zane up the right way he destroys anything with his digiclone and a good weapon/grenade.

If you want an absolute fun character with skills that will melt bosses and mobs build you a Fl4k.
They may have nerfed fl4k, but he didn’t become any weaker!!

Also, check the Mayhem Modifiers and make sure they aren’t working against you and your weapons. That is a possibility as well.

If you need help with some farming, let me know!


I was in the same boat a couple days ago. I’m playing FL4K, beat the campaign and now level 44. Once I beat the campaign Mayhem became avail, like you mentioned, so I set Mayhem 1. Makes the game a lot more fun and challenging but what I like most is the extra cash, eridium and XP.

I tried TVHM in normal for an hour or so and noticed I wasn’t getting loot like I was in Mayhem 1 so I reverted back to normal Mayhem 1 and will ride that until I get to 50. I need to find out if 50 is max level and if I’ll be forced to go TVHM at that point.

Oh, I forgot my original point. TVHM was insanely hard for me for some reason and was the other reason why I went back to Mayhem 1 normal mode.

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Try to get a transformer shield. There is a mision in Necrotafeyo, where you find the first vaulthunter, that should granted you one. Then, buy or farm a shock granade. If you damage yourself with your shock granade or any shock weapon, your shield will be insta—recharged. This should help you to allow you to find a good buiild for mayhem (Usually the demolition build)


Didn’t Gearbox nerf that ability with the shock grenade. I’ll definitely check out the transformer shield when I log back on. Thanks

Im not talking about the ability with de legendary mod which transform heal into shield, so the ability that heal you with granades gives you shield. Im talking about that specific shield, The transformer, that gives you 100% electricity inmunity and when you suffer electricity damage (from granade, enemy weapons, or yourself with a torgue splash gun, for example) recharges your shield in the same amount of suffered damage.
That shield is the best for Moze in my opinion ,and pretty good for other characters.
Glad to help you :slight_smile:

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