Solo Draft Mode

So I’ve been playing a LOT of solo queue and guys, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I hope they never get rid of it. Its so much more fun playing with others who aren’t in parties and being on the same team with people who aren’t in a party because normally what happens is, one team has a big advantage over the other or one team is more experienced than the other. It happens regardless but I really feel that when new players refuse to play the tutorial and jump in a game, get CRUSHED, then complain about how terrible the game is or what character needs a nerf, solo queue removes that slightly and gives them a fighting chance and a more fun learning experience. Lets face it, no one likes to play a game where all they do is lose. Also, its a great way for people to find other players who don’t have teams to pair up with and squad up for the incursion and quick match modes. In conclusion, its a fantastic idea and its SUPER SUPER helpful for all players, not just the newer ones because my friends aren’t always online so I can party up and sometimes I just like to play on my own. PLEASE KEEP SOLO QUEUE!


were uhh… you the melka that made my life a living hell yesterday?

Only for new and casual ones, the semi-veteran pvp and veteran pvp players are really not having THAT much fun as you find it to be. The problem is - the veterans have to carry the load of 2-3 players sometimes and that feels like a job not an entertainment.

Yes, the matches are a bit longer, but at what cost? At the end of the match you can clearly see that 1-2 players overperformed and 1-2-3 players underperformed.

At least that’s my experience with solo queue.


Mine too…

Battle mikos everywhere.
Out of position all the time.
They die 20 times with0 kills.
My team is lvl 4, im lvl 7 the enemy lvl 6-7.

Im not having fun when no one knows what they are doing. Like i said before, is not about premades, is about players dont knowing what they are doing or have to do…


Well, that’s not really a fault of the mode but rather the players.

For those situations, you’d have Incursion Mode to enjoy instead!

Well, that’s not really a fault of the mode but rather the players.

For those situations, you’d have Incursion Mode to enjoy instead!

I really wish solo queue and versus draft are not played by newcomers/low level players. The ban/pick process is fun by itself but having inexperience players on your team( in a queue that is suppose to be for the veteran competitive players) is not fun even during this stage.

The positive is that the other team tend to also have low levels on their group. The best of all…THERE ARE NO PREMADE STOMPING PUGS <<< that trumps any negative aspect from this mode.

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Disagree…l in a perfect world with great population, the solo queue IS for newcomers/low level players/leet pros/tryhards

In a perfect world, the elo was reset and you have hundreds of players all at different skill levels playing and getting their ELO rankings synched up to eventually get into games evenly within their elo range.


I feel like this queue does lean more towards the casual playerbase but even though I’d describe myself as bit of a competitive player, I still enjoy it.

Yes it does slightly annoy me when people don’t focus on what they should be doing, especially if they’re CR 100 or above, but it’s Solo Q, there’s not much you can do about it. You have to go in with the mindset that not everyone in this mode is going to take it seriously, and not necessarily everyone is going to be experienced when it comes to PvP.

I had a game the other day where my team (all bar one other player) would just ignore the minions in Incursion, and they alone pretty much wiped out our first sentry, effectively costing us the game. So I know how it feels when you think you and maybe one other player, are the only ones doing something constructive on your team. That’s just the way it is though, you can’t win them all. You just have to re-queue and keep trying.

However, I’ve also had my fair share of good matches. Ones where I’ve done really well, and that I have been an effective annoyance against the enemy team. (Heck, even if I’m losing, I’m still going to try and make their job as difficult as possible). Or like ones that I’ve managed to pull a win from, despite maybe having one or two ‘less effective’ teammates. There’s nothing more satisfying than that. Besides, if you do end up with low CRs on your team, why not show them the ropes? They’re not going to learn any other way.

Overall, I’ve throughly enjoyed playing Solo Q because, from my experiences:
A. The teams are balanced CR wise…
B. The matches seem to last much longer…
C. There seems to be less surrendering…
…and D. No pre-mades being paired against randoms like in QM.

I feel like the Incursion playlist is the place to go if you want competitive games. Especially because it seems to pit similar levels of pre-made teams against one another, which always makes for a satisfying game, win or lose.

So all in all, I agree with the OP on what the purpose of Solo Q should be. A queue to use to avoid all the 5-man teams out there, or just to go and waste time whilst you’re waiting for your Incursion or QM buddies to get online. The only issue that I have with Solo Q is that it’s Draft Mode. Considering it’s a more casual game mode, I would’ve like the freedom of character choice, and I believe everyone else should be entitled to that too. There’s nothing more annoying than having the character you want to play picked by someone else first, or worse, banned. =P

Also, I apologise for the long post. :sweat_smile: