Solo Draft Queue Experiences & Tips

I was very saddened today to learn that Solo Queue is draft pick.

Admittedly, I haven’t been able to try it personally yet, however, especially if this mode is supposed to appeal to / draw in players who are trying to prove their personal skills or at least avoid getting stomped by highly skilled players grouped up in Quick Match / Incursion, OR players who are newer / less experienced / more casual, it seems to me like it should allow as much personal freedom and latitude as possible.

Draft pick encourages meta play and hard counters and mind games, not to mention extra time per match.

I have already been hearing from various sources that experienced players are getting annoyed / angry when they have less experienced people on their team and those people don’t know who to pick or ban and how to counter said picks and bans.

Conversely, I have heard of less experienced players having a bad time because their favourite characters get banned and they have no one else to fall back on, or they just don’t straight up don’t know how all the characters synergize together yet, and they get stomped, especially against experienced players.

Solo queue should be about hopping in, finding a quick match, and being able to play / learn / gain experience with whatever characters you choose.

@jythri @joekgbx I truly feel this is a big and serious issue that needs to be addressed.

What do you guys think?


I absolutely loved draft mode. But I didn’t do it without 3+ teammates so that my team wouldn’t potentially be at a huge disadvantage because of our random’s poor picks. I’d agree, I don’t think it belongs in the solo queue. I do love the draft order now though!


While I a glad they improved the Draft Picking process, it feels like they just threw Draft Pick on to what was meant to be as casual a mode could get without being Bot Battle simply to appease the competitive crowd who wanted their precious draft mode back.

This is going to upset more people than it makes happy, I am almost certain of it.



Isn’t a solo queue the best place to learn how to do all of this? As an experienced solo player i would feel bad learning all the ins and outs of a draft mode in a competitive setting with a team.

Idk I just feel safer with a draft mode in place. I’ve always hated choosing certain classes to only find out it’s relatively useless against my opponents.

I don’t understand experienced players getting mad at less experienced people in a solo queue, isnt that what solo queue is for? Learning without fear of getting wrecked by groups?


I know I’ve already discussed this with you in chat but I love the new Solo Q.

There’s nothing worse than Solo Qing and ending up against a 5 man pre-made with randoms on your own team. It’s nightmarish. At least with this queue, everyone’s going to be on the same boat, so the teams are more balanced. Except for CR of course, but that can’t be helped sometimes.
Despite it being Draft, I feel like this new Solo Q is more casual for me. It’s something I can just hop into whenever I feel like it, or whilst my fellow teammates aren’t around and I don’t want to face the competitive Incursion queue alone.

However, I agree that it shouldn’t have been Draft Mode at all. The ban and select system ruins the whole point of why people are soloing in the first place. It’s to get away from meta team comps but I feel like this encourages it. Also, people solo so they can try out new things and play the characters they want to play. They should at least be entitled to this and not run the risk of their character being picked first or banned.

Personally, I can get by the Draft Mode as I play characters that wouldn’t get banned in a million years, but I still resent it. If anything, I think Draft Mode belongs in the Incursion queue.



Absolutely a fair point, buddy.

I’ll admit I had not thought about it from that perspective.

I guess a Draft pick does force people to think outside the box and try new characters and learn good team comps, but I still think that all feels way too competitive for people who may not want their BB PVP experience be at all competitive, ever.

Does that make sense?

Also, it’s been a while, man, how have you been?

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Great and detailed reply, thank you!

That does make sense. I hadn’t thought of it that way either haha

(Pretty well, busy with work lately so not as much time to play. Hope all is well with you badass :wink: )

The reason it’s here is simple:

That’s why.

Let’s hold them to their use of “for it’s introduction” and see if they remove it come duo-q next week, if the feedback is just.

The reasoning though, is questioning.

I figured their inclusion for Solo Queue (going off, of community feedback, and what’s been written) is to avoid the oppressive nature of what 5 man premades bring to matches.

By adding a draft, echoing others above you’re encroaching the possibility (I’m being generous here) of the meta being prevalent.

Solo Queue should be about experimentation, and adaptation, in my opinion. By releasing the pressure of pubs to adhere to specific characters (draft is counter-productive here) and synergies to play the game more than 5 minutes, allows them to expand their roster and try new things out.

Sure, we’re still going to get the try-hards who will spam Orendi, Benedict, and other reliable stompers, but in this setting they’re alone in context. Without the pretense of strategy those players MAY or may NOT get the entitled support they’ve come to expect.

By allowing it to be quick select (I’d compromise on the current system where you can view enemy choices, but I wouldn’t add that either) this gives your players agency. They have the CHOICE to consider their teammates choices and add to it, stray from it, or neither.

Adding the assumption that the enemy team is also experimenting with a possibility for synergy or favorites, eases the pressure as well. Allowing ANY player to experiment with picks they wouldn’t normally choose (or use only in Bot Battle) and test them out in a live environment.

This mode ideally has the potential to create environments where the goofy comps can exist, and do well. An all melee-team, an all support team, etc outside of your specific goofy modes.

Solo Queue is where this freedom should exist.

This can even be the testing ground for new metas! With the fear of comply or die being absent.

In conclusion, I’ve addressed the WHY it’s in place for those upset (albeit briefly and unsatisfactory, but hey so did GBX) and reasons WHY I feel it shouldn’t be, by demonstrating it’s potential for experimentation and adaptability.

Most importantly, it can help break up the tight-knit groups of elites who refuse to fraternize with new/returning players who they feel won’t contribute to their win percentage.

This mode may surprise some of them that there’s a lot of potential for growth in the population. It doesn’t end in their narrow pond.



It’s my understanding that solo queue isn’t necessarily meant to be some kind of enhanced training mode. The implementation was to make matches balanced and fair for people who aren’t grouped up in a party, while still remaining competitive. The appeal is to a fairly robust portion of the playerbase, those who probably would actually be in a group if there was room for them / they had friends on / the hours they were on matched up. I’d feel safe in saying that just because there are those of us in that situation, it doesn’t mean we aren’t taking it as seriously as say, the Incursion queue. I never had a problem with drafting. I had a problem with the time it was taking to find a match

The more concerning thing i’ve seen is certain premades backing out constantly until they get paired with each other, but i don’t know of any way to really prevent that kind of cheesing. More like i’m just in awe the lengths some will go to in order to try and leverage a competitive advantage

Edit: I would like to point out that in my experience so far, all of the matches have been highly competitive and i haven’t felt outmatched or outgunned at all. I’ve had great teammates and bad teammates. So have they. Anecdotal (this is coming from a sample size of twelve matches or so) i know, but so far it seems like it is working as intended

Edit Number 2 : The sort of experience you were talking about @FlamesForAll seems like what Quick Match has always supposed to of been


i cant believe anyone would stoop to that level over simply queuing up in incursion queue together


I’m completely against this approach. Even though you can actually do and gain all of that in this queue, it shouldn’t be the main focus. Bots battle and Quick Match serve those objectives. Solo queue is like Versus Draft but without premade teams. It is meant for the competitive experienced players and not for beginners that haven’t mastered multiple skills, playstyles and characters.

Edit: I really enjoy this mode. The ban/pick process is a lot better than what it was on Versus Draft. There is no stomping from premades against pugs. It adds another layer of knowledge and skill when it comes to team composition and counters.


Agreed :slight_smile:


Actually I think that Quickmatch WILL indeed be safer now that Incursion is seperate again.

It certainly was before everything got mashed up. I fully expect it to resume that role again

i love the new solo queue with draft, though i may be in the minority.

ive always thought qm should be solo queue with no draft: thats as casual and quick as it can get. then you can have solo queue with draft (that im playing and loving <3), and then your draft mode with groups and mode without draft for groups. lotsa queues, i know, and it doesnt cater to those who are mode-ist (i wish all modes were available in this solo queue), but this would be in my ideal world, and seing if this mode stays healthy could be an indicator these four queues could work. i hope they get some good data, and im really hoping solo q stats healthy. gogogo solo q!


Can someone tell me though, is there a set order in how players will pick? It seemed to be in alphabetical order in the one match I had (no desire for more either)… given my name starts with Z, this would be rather annoying to say the least.

Sadly, solo queue seems like it will be yet another BB related update I was looking for that ends up being a major disappointment.

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I haven’t played draft and don’t intend to. I don’t care for it at all.

The game was created to be played with all Battleborn. I feel if you cannot learn to play around or deal with certain Battleborn or team compositions…you aren’t really playing the game. This is when all them “pro’s” say…“Git Gud”…right?

I don’t need to be forced to play all the characters…I mastered all of them. (In terms of lore and level. I am far from a “master” of all Battleborn.

Regardless. Everyone should play the way they want. If others like draft, more power to them.


I mean… this is a MOBA-centric game and a solid picks/bans system is a staple of the MOBA genre for the past ever.

But sure, everyone should play what they want! I agree with you there.

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Most definitely not in alphabetical order…
Also, why has it been a disappointment to you out of curiosity?

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