Solo/duo permanent please

Hi all, I wanted to post that I really, really think the solo/duo q should be permanent. It is the only thing that can provide this community, and especially new players, a chance at consistently fun and fair PvP games.

Other games do this, especially MOBAs, because it just doesn’t make sense to be matching mic’d pre-mades with random players. Completely stomping or being completely stomped. New players dropping the game because they get grouped with other noobs, then matched against a 5-man with thousands of combined hours.

Also worth mentioning: since BB has no anti-cheat, solo/duo helps to ensure they’re split up and playing against each other at least some of the time.

Would anyone object to having a permanent solo/duo q? Presumably also with quickmatch for people who want to make larger groups?


id like to have a permanent duo queue replace QM except on pc. qm can stay the same.
for consoles they could supposedly support a duo queue withevery game mode and a 5 man allowed game mode if there werent such loud ‘incursion or death!’ players

Why except on PC? Im th OP and im on PC. For the few short days we had solo/duo, it was fantastic. Quick, consistent and even games on all modes. Downside is… ?

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Not enough players. Console players as ignorant of pc as we are, think that pc cant handel more than 2 queues.

Solo/duo brings in more players. How can there not be enough players when solo/duo brings more players?

It doesn’t bring back enough players. I’ve been able to find as many as 2 Solo/Duo queue matches so far. Quick Match is at least a little more reasonable with it’s wait times.

Nice that the experience has been better for you. It’s not the same for everyone though.

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You mean when they have it all one day per week? When it was introduced it was the fastest q ive ever seen in my 900 hours. It gives new players a chance to with vets instead of against them. In groups of 5.


For pc, I feel like solo play and versus draft for pre mades would be a nice two queues to have. I really enjoyed solo queue as well


I tried it when it first came out. Wasted all my playtime trying to find matches there. I would definitely like it if they kept a solo queue, but it didn’t draw in players in all regions/time zones. More doesn’t mean enough.

Enough for what? Im not sure what you’re saying honestly. Im not trying to be a jerk, i just think something is lost here because that’s twice you’ve said it won’t bring back “enough” players.

I’m referring to your own comment.

I was responsing to the comment above the one you quoted. I still literally dont get what you guys mean by “enough.” All im saying is we’d have better player retention, aka more players.

I agree with O P, and if permanent for some reason is not a viable option, then at least I’d wish for Solo/Duo to last longer than the 24 hours of the moment - it’s refreshing to test your skills beyond the “safety” of 5 P PM (plus, at times, a rather humbling experience).


I’d like it to be more often than once a week. I’ve had a lot of fun in the Valentine’s Day Lover’s queue (yes that’s what I’m calling it and no one will stop me). I also promised @Nemosis327 that we’d go in as Whiskey and Deande while wearing the Forbidden Romantic title but Wednesdays are bad for me. Too bad I’m horrible with Whiskey but I guess it’s the place to practice.


quick matches until you were on the fringes of elo again. theyd have to drop elo in it if it replaced qm entirely.

They are doing it because

  1. Only Incursion will get picked the majority of the time and that = no fun to some people.

  2. It would get played more then the other queues leaving them desolate.

  3. It would pretty much squash the whole 5 man thing. No five man whats to permanently just face other 5 mans. Hey I heard you would like to have a fun casual time with your friends in the game, well if trying as hard as possible to avoid being utterly ■■■■ stomped sounds like fun, then I’ve got the situation for you.

I do agree they could expand it to like 2-3 days a week.

“No 5 man wants to only face other man.”

Right, they want to pub stomp. So should GBX cater to them, or to to the rest of the entire community? Other mobas separate pre-mades from pubs for a darn good reason. If your 5 man is casual, isn’t there an equal chance of being matched against a casual 5 man?

You guys act like you’re concerned that solo/duo q will be too popular. In a game where we daily discuss “how do we attract and retain more players?” Doesn’t matter how “casual” your five man is. Any group of 5 that communicates has a titanic advantage. Im not surprised new players leave- they are never even given the tiniest chance of winning a PvP game.

Edit: I also think there is another misunderstanding: when I say solo/duo q, I mean solo/duo q that is all modes. It seems like you guys are also objectinf to the incursion only thing. Fine. Solo/duo with all modes.


Don’t speak for all of us in this statement. When I play with a full team I want competitive games. Pub stomps aren’t fun for me or most of my friends.

While the inability to play 3+ team incursion on Wednesdays is a negative, I had some of the most competitive matches in the Solo/Duo queue while playing Battleborn (day 1 player) last night.

It would be great if we could have a open party Incursion queue and a solo/duo ban/draft queue at all times (PS4/XBOX). I know “there aren’t enough players for this” but it would seem with more players would be driven away with the current queue setup versus providing the options players want and expand the player base.

The Incursion queue during the week has not been very competitive the last couple weeks in my opinion.

Had this been here from day 1 I think the PC population would be in a completely different place right now.

I love it. Everyone I play with loves it. We’re playing with people we normally never get to team up with and it’s made for some very well balanced and fun games.

If they’re watching and learning anything they’ll find a way to boost the player base and throw this mode in there along side Bot Battle and Quick Match when the population (PC speaking) can support 3 separate queues.