Solo/Duo Que is it here to stay?

I know that having many PvP modes it splits the player population even further than it already is on the platforms. However, I believe Bots Battle Needs to be moved to Training because the Definition of versus says against “Live” players.

So is there room from a Solo/Duo que? A Draft mode? Quick Match? and Incursion? I normally tend to stay away from Quick Match, because personally for me the average wait time isnt always “quick”, plus I really do not like Meltdown:finale mode. (Like seriously, I win the game to 300 points just to have a chance to lose it from 1 minion bot)

I personally have had a lot of fun, maybe not the most challenging matches, in solo/duo. I understand about the amount of leavers and surrenders, but it is really no more than the past modes going up against premades.

Maybe a fix to cut down the amount of options we can play is to have a Quick Match, that first votes whether or not you would like a Draft mode, after that vote is taken then it goes into the Map and mode Vote. It without nothing else would give the players a choice. Even incursion players vote for Monuments or Echelon every once in awhile.

I jumped into this queue last night, and I have to say that it was the best match that I have had in probably six months. I had time for only one game, so I don’t know if it was an anomaly, but I really hope not!


I really do not see how moving it to Training will have any impact on how many people use it. As long as the queue lets you complete challenges and lore people are still going to use it heavily.

If you take away the ability to complete challenges and lores, you’re just getting rid of what they’ve already said is one of their more popular queue’s.

Bots probably isn’t going anywhere for a while.

I still think a dedicated Draft queue is unnecessary. Most of the casuals and low levels have already gravitated towards Bots and Solo and for good reason. Quick can be a real challenge now and Incursion has become what Draft was intended to be, a home for pre-mades, try-hards and people looking to play seriously. There’s very little forgiveness for casual in a queue like that. Draft at this point just slows down the matchmaking, either by having it’s own queue it’ll further spread the population or by being in one of the 3 pvp queue’s it slows down matches by tying up players for longer.

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In my opinion by moving bots battle out of the versus and to training, it will have less options for PvP players choose from. I am probably just being lazy of scrolling through the options and I feel that it would clean it up a bit by removing an option as I feel that 4 PvP options is too many.

I am not down talking the mode (Bots) or do I want it to be removed from the game, just moved to training because the Versus category says “play against live opponents”. I guess its more of a wording issue for me.

But what I dont want to see if increasing the level of difficulty for Bots, the difficulty level for harder bots should be going into a “Live” Player que, again my opinion.

As a Casual I can say Draft mode is enjoyable, because it adds another level to everything. It is also just a changed of pace from playing Incursion. I just dont believe it was right for solo que only. I know that it is going to take extra time to pick and ban. I also understand that by drafting I can prevent some of the issues I see in other modes. If they gave the option to a vote for a Draft in a game mode then it would be up to the players playing it.

But ultimately there are different strokes for different folks, thanks for your opinion on this as I am curious to see if Solo/Duo will be here to stay.

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I would actually really hope for Solo Que to stay but I would like it to be changed as I suggested in other topics:

"…GBX should get rid of Solo Que draft, and should make Solo Que the default “casual mode” but also add back versus draft mode, where players can que as a team.

I would like to see the above suggestion as an experiment, to see if people would play more Versus draft because is the one were they can que with friends (while being more competitive because of draft with higher chances to go against good players stacks), or would take Solo Que (as suggested above) because there are more chances of a fair and fun match."[/quote]

I believe that the Draft if the only drawback of Solo Que, if they remove it and make it the default game mode, more people would be playing it since it would reduce the chances for them to go against a stacked/unfair team of players, while having fun because they also are more available to play the characters they love by not being as limited as Draft makes it.

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There is no draft in the Solo/Due Que currently (PS4), so I think they have listened to us in the regard.

And I also would like the Draft option as well when I do run as a Team. Thanks

I think it makes perfect sense to have solo/duo queue remain. I think it could honestly just take the place of quick match as a permanent playlist, as it essentially accomplishes the essence of why people genuinely play quick match. That is if having quick match and solo duo would be too many simultaneously. I know the meltdown and capture players probably want quick match separate, because solo duo will probably still gravitate towards incursion.

I think that draft needs to never be a solo duo thing. It simply doesnt make sense to have draft solo or duo. It actually goes against what draft is supposed to be about. I personally love the idea of the duo queue–it is perfect for me. As it stands, I know that if i have a full team and want to play the game somewhat competitively, then i can go into draft. If I just want to play with a friend, I can go into duo and not have to worry about completely unbalanced matches against average players with an inherent advantage because they’re in a 5 man against me, my friend and 3 other kids that just got the game

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Solo/Duo Queue (pre-removal of draft) on Monday was the best night of PvP I’ve had in awhile. The games were competitive, people were actually using their microphones, and I managed to get confirmation that the other team specifically banned Orendi so I couldn’t play her (first time!) Quick Match last night as a solo was a train wreck. Nothing but 5-man teams on the other side, pub stomped every game.

Solo/Duo Queue needs to stay. Maybe it could be renamed as Casual Play, and have the two-man team limit for signing up, but there needs to be an option for people who can’t (for whatever reason) get a 5-man team together to play and still have fun.

The queue that can most afford to be sacrificed, in my opinion, is Incursion. Incursion was already available in more than half of the quick matches before they re-split the queues. If so many players are so insistent that only Incursion will ever do for PvP, then GBX should be looking at what’s wrong with the other modes that makes so many players quit when they can’t get an Incursion match. Better that than hold the rest of us hostage to the Incursion mob…

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But if you think people quitting matches is bad because they dont get to play incursions, just imagine how many will quit playing this game if they remove Incursion.

I agree.
I could see it called quick match with 2 mans being the highest premade allowed, and voting opened up to allow all modes.
the other queue allowing 5 mans and having draft. no need to resrict modes there either.

ideally we’d have four core queues imo, if the playerbase allowed it. solo with draft, duo without, team allowing with draft, and one without. this satisfies and seperates the casual and competitive crowds and allows them to be either casual or competitive without relagating them to be with or without friends.
as it is, i can see duo without and team with draft being the two collapsed queues, since single competitive players can queue in the team draft easily enough, and pairs are allowed in the non draft queue for friends who want to casual. (having friendship times isnt relegated to being all in the same team on bb! i know plenty who queue up seperately and are all in one chat, lol)


Yes, and make the competitive que a ranked que too. SOLD!!

I would never suggest they eliminate Incursion as a mode (though I wouldn’t mind eliminating the Overgrowth map). I’d much rather have a good Incursion game than a bad game of anything else. I’m just saying that if there are SO MANY players who refuse to play anything but Incursion, it either speaks to the quality of the other modes, or the ability of a good portion of the player base to handle multiple strategic challenges. Take from that what you will. :innocent:


LOL yeah I totally hear you. Often times I am the lone vote on Echelon or on a Capture map. And at the same time I also get bored playing the same character over and over and over and …

cant add ranked until they clean up the gear mess that we currently have. Some lore gear is really strong and on characters that do not need any help. Other characters that are c tier have terrible lore gear. Some gear still undermines character design, and thus undermines team composition strategy and breaks the game. Simple solution would be to have a ranked mode that follows the same formula that all of the competitive tournaments have followed, which is no legendary gear

people generally play incursion statistically way more than any other mode because it is the most well rounded game mode. It has all of the elements of great moba pvp. I used to exclusively play meltdown and swear off of incursion for a very long time. That was because I understood meltdown way more, and was very good in a 1v1 or 2v2 situation. Effectively I had kill skill, so to speak, so meltdown suited me very well. But that got old. It took a long time, but it got old. In meltdown, all you have to be able to do as a team is kill players better than the other team can kill players. In incursion there is so much more deep, strategic play and planning. Late vs early blooming is much more important and worthy of consideration. Meltdown is literally picking a strong 1v1 in each lane with some hard cc and alani and you win