Solo/duo que suggestions and rant

Please make solo/duo que a permanent game type available everyday. having a premade team is the single most powerful thing you can do in any game and is the reason why real competitive games always have dedicated matchmaking that separates this from happening. Furthermore, I have been in games were players were pubsromped so bad they do lot return to pvp. Having a premade team is such a huge advantage over that there is almost no amount of individual skill that can be leveraged to overtake it.

I would also like to add as it relates to a previous thread, individuals whom group que and wreck new or less organized players are actively destroying the game community. I call that you all be leaders and take accountability for your teams actions. Again it proves absolutley nothing that your team crushed solo que players as you are leveraging the biggest possible competitive advantage you can have in this game. There should be no validation for this and you should instead feel bad (for those whom farm players) for not only hurting the community but also being pathetic (sorry if tone is harsh but I care).

Tl:dr: make a permanent solo or at most solo/duo que game type. @RedX @EdenSophia help encourage other veterans to stop pubstompings. It isn’t fun and hurts the community.


Add @Dr_H0H0 and @JoeKGBX

So people who got good at the game aren’t allowed to play with one another because they found others that are also good? I understand the desire not to run into these five man teams, but it sounds like this complaint is under the generalization that these players are too good. No, they practiced, found other people who were also just as good and these great players got together.

Further dividing the Queues, lack of balancing among characters, desperate need of map reworking and gear overhaul are all needed for this game, but the conversation topic that everyone seems focused on is the premades. It’s not the problem with the game. It’s an old game, officially. It’s been a year since its release. Like every game with that type of lifespan, there are good players/vets who are just good. trying to seperate them seems like a whining complaint in my opinion.


Read this.

After further consideration I’m adding the following:

Normally the phrase “git gud” is used as a dismissive in discussions/threads like this one but in the PC community case it doesn’t have to be because the veterans that remain have self organized in such a way as to make getting good possible. First off there are 10 stack private PvP matches that are casual in nature and are a great way to learn how to play the game at a basic to high, though not quite competitive, level (if you are on PC and are interested in the more casual experience send me a friend request on Steam; my Steam handle is the same as it is here). Finally, recently the more competitively oriented members have started a PC league. You can find out more on this thread.


Dexter out of curiosity are you on PC or consoles

I hate what pre mading has done to the competitive landscape of BB (which is why i almost never, ever join a 3/4/5 man pre made - as a few of you have noticed), but I 100% do not fault people wanting to play with their friends. That’s totally their right and a common thing to do in video games and to feel guilty about it is ridiculous.

The real thing that needs to be done is bumping the BB population up enough so that a queue system can support both a solo/dual queue AND team incursion.

This is the answer.

I am ignoring all other game modes for the sake of simplicity and also due to incursion being the bestest game mode in BB ( haha).

Until this type of queue system is created, then basically you are telling avg people enjoying video games that it’s not cool to team up with their friends and they are 100% forced to solo queue in every single multiplayer game mode

With this mindset, You Will Get No Sympathy From Me


I solo q, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t solve any problems. :<

It’s just the nature of our low population + matchmaking as it stands.


Well said friend thanks for sharing the link.

Whenever people see a bunch of high command ranks people automatically assume it’s a premade but matchmaking has stacked high command ranks against low command ranks from day one. I’m not saying the premade problem doesn’t exist, but I don’t believe it’s nearly as prevalent as some have convinced themselves. Not every team of high command ranks is a premade. Not every team with a decent understanding of team comp is a premade. Sometimes the other team is just better from you. Personally I’ve seen no increase in the quality of my matches in solo/duo nor have I seen any decrease in one sided matches. On the other side, I actually think solo/duo is consistently awful for the Quick Match queue as the more competitive players flood the queue generally intended for more casual play.

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This is an accurate assessment. A permanent solo/duo queue simply isn’t sustainable until the population gets to a place where the devs are comfortable with three queues: QM, Incursion (preferably draft), and solo/duo. That fills the core playerbase needs of allowing people avoid the teams, play as a team, and play the other modes.

Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like based on your response you run in premade 5 mans. May I ask you what you get from play against less organized solo que players when running in a stack? Would you not get a better competitive game running against another premade team? If so why even bother facing unorganized teams you are going to beat? Two ques one dedicated for solo que and another for dedicated 5 mans is all this game needs.

Let’s address possible concerns you may have. Splitting the community- hardly but again reflect on my questions to you from above. What would you get from a game you’re garanteed to win anyway?

What about 3-4 player teams?- I honestly don’t think you wanna do this. If matchmaking works it should pair 4 people groups against 5 mans where they potential get me on their team and lose and nobody wants that. That is this player range will always create competitive problems. They are inferior to 5 man groups and superior to solo que/duo que players. Additionally, you can’t round out 4 mans without adding a solo que player to a pubstomping.

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Good players who find other good players will not increase the players population.

Allowing a place for casuals to have a fun experience will allow for growth and eventually a better competitive scene.

I don’t think anyone cares how good someone is at Battleborn. It would however be nice to go to the park to play some basketball without having the Lakers dunking on you the whole time and talking trash.

There is usually a reason why “whining” lasts for a year and progressively gets stronger.


Personally I have stopped playing myself because I don’t like the pubstompings of premades. I would argue that solo duo que has a quick match approach we’re vote is selected to determine game type with all options available. I think for premade groups their players should get to to vote on the game styles available. 2 ques are all this game needs. Heck league of legends dropped a game mode after they felt they could only support two modes.

Exactly I agree and will say it. 5 man groups you are uniamously better than me solo/duo queuing. So please give the option to not play you. I wanna have fun and feel like the playing field is at least even. I will never feel this way when I’m be matched against 5 mans you have the biggest competitive advantage that is available on this game.

I also wanted to add the itemization and balance issues you describe are yet another reason to spectate 5 mans from solo que players. You are describing problems that don’t excist or are vastly different for those who operate outside the most competitive level of this game. I would argue that you could have different tier lists for the top 3% of the skilled players for this game and everyone else. This is were many problems excist. Do you balance for the top 3% or the majority of the community. Or do you balance them separately? Kelese comes to mind :joy: lol

This “I don’t think anyone cares how good someone is at Battleborn. It would however be nice to go to the park to play some basketball without having the Lakers dunking on you the whole time and talking trash.”


I’m primarily a Quick Match player and I almost never run into what I believe to be teams, except for on solo/duo day where they’re all forced against their will into quick match. On Wednesdays, the quick match queue consists of almost entirely Meltdown games with high command ranks and a more tryhard enviornment. Any other day of the week, the queue is about 50/45/5 Face Off/Meltdown/Capture and has a much more relaxed environment. What would be your two queues if solo/duo was a permanent fixture? Would people still have a place to play with friends? Would people have a queue free of Incursion (because we’ve done nothing but Incursion queues in the past, people freaked out and quit the game because they didn’t want to play the same mode nearly every match)?

Honest question, and maybe it’s different per platform, do you find yourself running into what you believe to be “premades” in the Quick Match queue? I don’t, it’s basically already a solo/duo queue that happens to not have Incursion in it. Is the concern that you want to avoid teams or that you specifically want to play Incursion while avoiding those teams?

I play on PS4. I’m not asking to punish people for playing with friends. If anything it is punishing them to play inferior competitive matches as it is currently. However, I also don’t wanna be punished. This is why I have not played for several weeks awaiting some more permanent change to address this. If it doesn’t get addressed pretty soon those 5 mans premades will have nobody to play.


Well for starters, unless I am playing with @Nemosis327 @vagrantsun or @blainebrossart1 (me and at least one of them) I am by myself. I solo queue a lot, but me and @Nemosis327 played together a lot more than I have played with the other two so I like playing with someone who knows what they’re doing in all situations. As randoms in public matches (as past experiences have held) cannot be trusted to handle certain situations.

Picking a shielder (Kleese or Reyna) over an ACTUAL healer, Grabbing single thrall while the base is being assaulted and this random IS the wave clear/tank of the team (Galilea grabbing thrall is not where that Galilea should be when the team is dead/struggling to push wave out of the front door, and many other things including diving for kills, not paying attention or just being all around bad at the game/making very poor and/or stupid decisions. Worst of the examples is the person who plays poorly, then starts calling for surrender because THEY are the reason the other team is outleveling, outplaying and beating us as a team.

So if I can have someone who knows what they’re doing on my team, 1-4 people, then yes, I will eliminate the number of random people I don’t know/don’t trust to be able to hold their own in basic situations and I will do so quickly.

Truthfully, I don’t really care about the winning or losing part, an interesting game would be great, but it’s not Premade’s that cause uninteresting games nor is it the fact that Premades stomp teams of randoms (because that’s not always the case). The lack of interesting games is because Battleborn the game itself, gets itself stuck in uninteresting “Metas” and currently the Meta is “Whoever has the most CC wins!” usually.

Again, the point of Premades (weather they be a duo or a full blown five man or something in between) isn’t to curbstomp every team we come across (Including myself in premades because yes I would rather play with friends and competent people). The point is to medicate and relieve ourselves from needing to play so MUCH overdrive to carry people who make really stupid decisions.

Using @vagrantsun example he told me the other day. He went 19 and like 1 as his Toby (and anyone who knows Vagrant’s Toby knows not to ■■■■ with that Toby). He had a new player Oscar Mike on his team and they were pushing second sentry to try and win. He also had an above level 100 Montana on his team. In their final push for victory, I believe Vagrant had died, n00b Oscar suicide Space Lazered the sentry to try and get the win. Where was their montana you ask? He had gotten to stupidly cocky that he had decided to walk right past the sentry and stand in the enemy team’s base exit and taunt/farm kills. On overgrowth. Oscar is dead and Toby is dead, Montana died really quick and didn’t even bother to help with the sentry whatsoever. They ended up losing. I don’t remember the specifics of the messages sent, but it all stemmed from Montana’s stupidity, where Montana argued that there was a scrub Oscar that Vagrant wasn’t messaging.

The point being, that Oscar had the concept down, he was a n00b but at the very least, he knew the basics of what he was doing. You can fix someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, you cannot fix stupid.

We in premades are not here to curb stomp every team we come across. That is not our goal. Our goal is to avoid people like that Montana, but it is hard as hell to do so when it comes to Battleborn.

I remember one time we had a final push going and we all dove the sentry, we could’ve won, had our Pendles been paying attention to suicide dive with us instead of breaking buildables.


Balancing any level of the game to try and get rid of the ability or hinder the ability to play with those of equal skill level is a poor decision. Proposing an aimed “balance” against the top 3% is unfair. That top 3% got there through hard work, practice and dedication. Why should they be punished for being good at the game? The people below the top 3% just need to get better.

Well on ps4 I identify 5 mans by knowing all the names on the enemy team and recognizing them playing together often.

There are 5 mans in quick match on ps4 but they aren’t usually competitive. Instead they are just a group of friends casually playing a game together.