Solo / Duo Queue Experiences?

Hey guys.

So, to preface this, I don’t Solo / Duo queue very much.

I generally only get on when 3-5 of my friends can join me.

So, this morning I was bored and foundmyself online with only one friend available to play, so we entered S/D Queue.

Got 3 matches, all of which had OUR team with 2 100-120’s and 2 20-50’s.

Each match, the other teams had 120-140’s across the board.

And these teams were hyper aggressive CC heavy Insta Rush meat grinders.

Is Solo / Duo queue always like this?

Oh, I’m on PS4.

Thanks in advance.

Sadly yes :frowning: you sometimes get good games when the matchmaking makes even teams but it will still make uneven teams most the time :frowning:

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On the PC I can say that’s generally not the experience. All of the games have been pretty aggressively matched in terms of skill level making for some really fun, close, and unpredictable matches. And we loved playing with people we normally play against. In the rare case it’s been a 2-2-1 of vets versus less experienced players I’ve seen the vets take goofy team comps to level the playing field as best as possible.
Though I would say going duo is normally more fun than solo. To each their own.

My solo-duo experience yesterday was sitting in queue for 3.5 hours and never finding a match, with 30 minutes of that wait in a group of 5 with another group of 5 CONFIRMED to also be waiting to find an opposing team. I had to give up after this 30 minutes of waiting for our two teams to be matched because I had something else that needed doing.

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I just don’t get the purpose of it then I guess.

Wasn’t it supposed to be for lower level / less experienced players to queue up in so they wouldn’t get torn to shreds by premades?

It seems like instead if has become “oh I’m so good and experienced I feel fully capable of holding any team on my own screw teammates” and then you get teams of 5 vicious players who don’t even need to communicate.

From my Solo/Duo Q experiences, in the majority of matches that I’ve played, both teams were (surprisingly) evenly matched. There were one or two low levels (0-100) on each team, but it wasn’t totally one sided. I’m not complaining though because it makes a change to the games that often happen in QM, where it’s a team of levels 0 to 100 vs a team of levels 100 and above, that tend to result in a steamroll. It might just be me getting lucky with the MM though so hopefully my luck won’t run out. :four_leaf_clover:

I only have 1 friend who plays battleborn, and he’s level 24, and I am level 104. Every single match we play together we lose because we get basically the team comp you described. It is very frustrating as my friend is not willing to play pvp with me anymore.

You’re funny. Welcome to most people’s worlds in BB.

The important thing to note flames, is your initial sentence about you usually pre mading which i know you do and its cool.

But it is not that “solo queue is always like this” like you think. In fact, it is ALWAYS like this even in incursion standard queue. It is just that you are shielded completely from this since you always roll with the bb group - which again is totally fine. But still. You are always shielded from this. It is not a “solo queue” thing. In fact, solo queue helps eliminate this.

Instead, it is a BB thing.


When there are so few people playing, it will just group like, the 5 people avail and then seat them in with the next 5 people available. ELO is irrelevant when there are only 13 people at a given time looking for a team and 10 of them have to fit in one game. It takes 5 evenly leveled people…puts them on one team…puts 5 evenly leveled people…puts them on the other team. Wham. Perma unevened teams.

In fact, the ELO actually HURTS matchmaking in its current state since it groups one group of similar SR levels and plunges them with another group of similar SR levels. So it’s always the lows vs highs.


Xbox here, I’m at 145 command rank and I keep getting paired with people below 50 going up against a whole team over 100, sometimes I get a decent game, so it’s either a very competitive match or a steam roller passing by.

I would love to experience solo/duo if people were actually playing it.

I’m on ps4 as well.

Well i was on prime time last night and i was getting games with different groups per game consistently for a few hrs within a minute. On PS4

west coast USA

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I couldn’t find anyone. Waited for 30 mins. Only found a player.

I agree, I have had pretty close/even matches for the most part as well. I hope my luck doesn’t run out either!


dunno what to tell you then…what time were you on specifically?

I like S/D queue. Most if the time the randoms feed the enemy team while I carry the game for the win. It’s great cuz the enemy team gets to kill the randoms and dont get too salty when I drop massive kill streaks that result in rage quitting and surrendrs. Wurf.

Although it’s the most fun when you run up against someone you know. But that applies all the time. Unless they in a tryharding 5 man. Again, Wurf.

Around 6:00 or 7:00 pm.