Solo endgame viability

I know the game was just released but I couldn’t find any information about the viability of endgame with BL3. BL2 was extremely unforgiving in UVHM as a solo player and I’m a little iffy on spending my money on another BL just to not ever be able to down bosses on harder modes. I know there’s matchmaking which I’ll probably use, I’m just wondering if I’m absolutely going to have to use it.

Thank you for your time.

you can get a FL4K build going that will be able to solo, the build has the ability for your pet to revive you when you go down, the build has insane health regen, the build has the ability to mitigate 60% of the damage you take to your pet, and the build makes your pet pretty much unkillable. also you can spec your special to heal you and allies for 20% of max health per second, that’s on top of the constant health regen.

something like this :"cb__2759216193___p__2158073648-5_117127705-3_281565876-5_1740990601-3_4171864922-1_2927115417-3_3477499401-2_202840317-3_2675403350-3_696695617-5_2555484897-5_37164101-3_895088904-1_390492389-1_2581189346-1_2694263575-3_3096568734-1___e__1618958551-3114692079_403040056-2701689408_1825536534-2842141809_772024924-1899745313"

Oooh looks tanky. Alright I’ll give that a go when I get it, thanks.