Solo Hardcore Advanced Stories

Breaking Character…

Last weekend I got bored. (Lack of players on Steam)
So I decided to try hardcore advanced with a melee just to see if I could do it. (I don’t usually melee, but I’ve been trying new things, and have found I’m not as bad as I thought I was.)
Damn… if you REALLY want a satisfying challenge in PVE… go hardcore advanced with a melee.

Void’s Edge with Kelvin… holy hell, the last part of that boss fight. Literally running around trying to keep my health up for 15 minutes with waves of enemies and purple death spheres falling from the sky… waiting for a good opportunity to melee… using the environment as cover… oh sht, sht, sht, sht… get out, get out, get out… g*d dammit, cool down sublimate already! I can’t wait 3 secondfs! Ok… ok… still alive… just get heals up… AHHHH FRIGGIN’ Scavens!!! DIE!!! SCREW IT!!! I’M GOIN’ FOR IT… C’mon, c’mon, c’mon F**K YEAH!!!

3 lore challenges completed. Silver medal. Was challenging, but it was super worth it.

Any other solo Hardcore Advanced stories?


I had one where i soloed Heliophage with Toby on hardcore advanced, where my goal was to kill Rendain with self destruct.

You probably already figured out what’s wrong with that sentence; but if you didn’t, the spolier is below:

SPOILER: I lost when i self destucted, because i forgot you get one life on hardcore. Not my proudest moment, but definitely a contender for funniest and stupidest.


I did helio adv hardcore solo with boldur. He’s literally one of the best if not the best char to solo with. High damage and sustainability with passive DR😉

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That is unfortunate…

And hilarious. There was no anger or anything, because i was laughing too hard from my stupidity to care.

I’ve done them all so many times but still one Advanced HC stands out.

Thorn on The Archive.

All goes well for Thorn, she can really handle that job, good speed and skills, no problem.
Until the very end, the fight with Gunhulk can suddenly turn on you, or toss Torn off the map.
Thorn after all that, with her back to the wall, knocked off the map, and that poor player left feeling sick.

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