Solo Heliophage [No Spoilers]

I soloed Heliophage on advanced it took me awhile but I did it with 6 lives left over. I’m proud of myself but my problem is that I only got bronze for it. I’ll probably get over it but this seems a little unfair.

Honestly it probably is fair but it took 87 minutes so I’m just a little salty.

any tips? I tried it once last night but ran out of time on the second point…and i cant even imagine trying to do the rendain fight

Last boss fight is annoying as most of your deaths will be just you getting thrown outside the map by his attacks.

Tried doing hardcore advanced and got thrown off at the last boss fight… -.- now i can’t be bothered retrying it.
I am proud of doing it in 40 mins Advanced on Gold though (3 and 5 deaths), No idea what tips to give as I don’t know what you’re capable of, hold map button to show you where you’re going and go straight to the skulls, defend them, while on your way back try to pick up as much loot as possible while speeding through countless enemies… ? I think that’s what i did.

been playing since CTT so i know all the chars well…i tried it with Whiskey foxtrot…maybe like ISIC is better? or OM?

I’ve done it with Marquis, I have complete mastery over him and my friend did it solo multiple times with Thorn, but he’s a master aswell at Thorn.

Did you solo it? And who did you play as?

I played boldur since he does decent damage and has potentially infinite sustain. The end boss fight is really just a war of attrition that’s why it took me almost an hour and a half total

Edit: Patience is also obviously an important thing to have.

and yes I soloed it.

Did you use keyboard and mouse or a controller. I’m only wondering because I really want to finish it and I don’t think I could handle another 90 min. boldur run

PC, i.e keyboard and mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

I managed to pull it off with Toby and got a Silver. The only silver I’ve gotten - everything else has been Bronze. For me, it’s always been clearing the 23 minute section. After figuring out the fastest ways to force open the doors, I was able to handle everything else. I’d have to go back and look at the time, just out of curiosity. The boss rush was fun as hell, but Rendain himself was kind of a disappointment, difficultywise.

Hit him with an arc mine and I swear it’s like he’s a cat with a catnip ball. I don’t understand why his AI reacts like that, but it’s fine with me.

Why dont check Youtube ?
Personnaly, I make it after 3 try in 60 min and Im dead 4 times (2 times because boss bump me out). I got silver.
(Sorry for bad english)

Thats why my friends and I all choose the map corners that have high backing, so we can’t be thrown off. As soon as we spawn in, we move there, and let all the bosses come to us. Since we started that, none of us have fallen off once.

Did it again got silver 1 death surprised people are still commenting

I did it with orendi and got a silver and had like 2 min left on the first half.